Regardless of the sport that you are taking part in, or what form of martial arts training you are doing, fitness is always going to be a key part of your regime. In the worlds of boxing, muay thai and MMA, your fitness levels will ultimately decide who lasts longer in the ring, you or your opponent. If you start to tire first, that can be bad news.

With this in mind, we do some products that you can easily have in your home that means you can keep up with your fitness regimes without having to take time out of your day to go over to the gym.

1.RDX Hanging Ab Sling 

The hanging ab sling is constructed from heavy duty nylon straps with elbow sleeves. It easily fits over any pull up bar or secure hanging rail and includes metal hooks for easy installation. The idea behind these slings is to isolate the abs for a workout that focuses solely on ab development.

Hanging Ab Sling






2. RDX Tricep Rope

With superior quality 1 inch wide nylon straps, the new RDX Tricep rope is designed to hold as much weight as possible while remaining a lightweight piece of equipment. Rubber grips on the handles mean that they remain dry during a workout and the plastic makes them one of the most comfy grips on the market today.

Tricep Rope






3. Skipping Rope 

Using a skipping rope is a great way to build up your speed and stamina. If used at a moderate pace for about 10 minutes, the affects on your stamina can be the same as running a mile or swimming a quarter mile in 12 minute

Skipping Rope






4. RDX Weighted Chest Guard Jacket

Increase the intensity of your workouts with a weighted chest guard. The 14kg vest is completely adjustable with weights being able to be removed or added based on the intensity of your workout. It’s wicking fabric is designed to hold the weights in place comfortably and securely. The overall design of the vest means that it distributes weight away from the shoulderblades to avoid uncomfortable weight being put there.







5. RDX Dipping Pull Up Bar

The RDX pull up abdominal trainer is a fantastic way to workout your arms, shoulders, back and abdominal muscles in an easy, uncomplicated workout. With two sets of grips, this piece of equipment is highly versatile which allows you to do many different excersises with it. These bars can be set up nin most areas of the room you wish to put it in as the bars are optimally places to reduce the strain on the bearings.