5 RDX products to improve your MMA Training

  1. Punchbag

Recently, we posted a picture up on our tumblr blog about how the best way to progress is to nail the fundamentals. The basics don’t change, they are the foundations of your skill to which you can build outwards. The humble punchbag is a fantastic piece of kit to really work on your core skills and develop your more complex combinations.

  1. Skipping Rope

Using a skipping rope for just 10 minutes at a moderate pace can be the same as running a mile or swimming a quarter mile in 12 minutes. With this in mind, it is easy to see how a fighter can develop their cardio through such a simple piece of kit. Through utilisation of different workouts, you can work on different aspects of your performance such as speed, coordination and agility. On game-day, this translates into an increased performance from a stamina point of view. When both you and your opponent are evenly matched and there is no clear winner, how much time you put into cardio could mean all the difference when you’re just that little bit sharper in the later rounds.

  1. Double End Ball

A Double End Ball (or Bag) is effectively a combination of your standard punch bag and a speed bag. You need speed and accuracy in order to be able to get those hits in which being able to manoeuvre your way around the bag to attack from different angles. The timing, rhythm and accuracy of your hits are key in training with this equipment. Unlike it’s heavy counterpart, the double ended bag will require you to regulate your hits to make sure that the punch is effective. The fact that it moves around simulates a more skilled opponents head, bobbing around, ducking and weaving.

  1. Medicine Balls

The Medicine ball is arguably one of the most versatile bits of kit to build up your core strength and balance with. With it’s triple hand stitching, this 8 paneled ball will be able to deal with the toughest workouts that you can throw at it. Regular usage of the ball helps to build up your muscles and increases strength.

  1. Pull up bar

Utilising this bit of kit to it’s full potential can really help you build up your arms and core in an effective manner. The running theme in most of these pieces of equipment that we’ve looked at today has been fitness and training so you can maintain your stamina throughout those longer fights. If you are in need of a few suggestions as to how you can utilise your pull-up bar to it’s full potential. See our article here.