7 Things to Look For When Choosing MMA Gear

Just started out mixed martial arts and want to know what kind of MMA gear you need to buy? In this article you will find all your answers.

Let’s check out my top 7 list of things to have.

  1. MMA Gloves

There is no second word to it, this is a must have for every fighter. Whether you are sparring, training or in a fight, there is no way you can start without wearing MMA glove. Make sure the glove you buy are fitted well and contains adequate protection on the wrist and knuckles.

  1. MMA T Shirts

Even though you can easily do without MMA T Shirts, but if you are wearing one during your training, it will show your dedication to the sport. They also offer huge advantages over regular t-shirts, as these are the specialized t-shirts made purely for MMA athletes. They are made with finest quality, and offer comfort, performance and durability.

  1. MMA Shorts

MMA gear cannot be considered complete without MMA shorts, as they are perfect for all aspects of combat training. But before making a final decision, make sure you’re the shorts is packed with dual stitching, flexibility, extra grip, and breathability features.

  1. MMA Shin Guards

MMA can be a very painful sport. In order to avoid against leg injuries, you should always wear leg protection in the form of a shin guard. The guard needs to have a proper padding in the shin region to maximum safety.

  1. MMA Head Guard

Even though it is not allowed to wear a head guard during actual fights in MMA, but you much have one for sparring sessions. There are two points to consider before head protection, first it must have enough padding in all the sensitive areas around the face and head, and secondly it shouldn’t block your vision.

  1. MMA Bags

MMA bag or kit bag is used to carry all your MMA equipment you need to carry to the gym. It needs to have enough space and separate compartments for MMA gloves, MMA clothing, protective gear, and trainers etc.

  1. MMA Hoodies

Hoodies for MMA are made as such that they can easily be taken off and on whilst gloves on. After the workout it is important to keep your body warm that is why hoodless are so important.


When you are buying any product the quality comes first and always compare the prices. Don’t get caught up by an expensive brands. Looks are also important but not more than the quality and protection when it comes to MMA equipment.