A Solid Wrap for a Solid Fist

A boxer’s hands are his most important weapons, so they must be looked after carefully. Before you hit the heavy bag or spar, always wrap your hands with good quality boxing hand wraps, which protects your fingers, thumb, knuckles and wrist.

Once your hands are wrapped, it will become like a single rock, instead of separate and loose joints. Essentially, this helps to evenly distribute impact across your entire fist so you don’t end up with broken bones or fractures.

Have a look at RDX’s top 3 hand wraps, and find out why you should buy them:

RDX Neoprene Gel Hand Wraps Bandages

  • RDX GEL Tech 3-metre shock-resistant RDX wraps for extra protection
  • Shell-Shock™ Gel enforced NEO-1™ lining one-third(40”) of the wrap
  • Ayz-F™ elastic lining in two-third(80”) of the strap
  • Articulated finger loop to avoid position-shift
  • Improved Quick-Ez™ hook and loop closure for enhanced support

RDX Pro Inner Gloves Wrist Strap Training Hand Wrap

  • Made from woven carbon fibre fabric for strong,
  • pliable wrap that retains its shape
  • Shell Shock GEL™ and foam padding to protect hands and dissipate shock
  • Thermal regulation technology to maintain comfort and dryness
  • Unique elastic design for no slip wear and a thumb hole for added security
  • Extra-long bandage with Quick-EZ™ Velcro closure for optimum wrist support

RDX Ladies Inner Gloves Training Hand wraps

  • Made from woven carbon fibre fabric for strength and resilience
  • Half-finger cut design to give female fighters maximum grip
  • Ayz-F™ elastic for a secure, snug fit and improved support
  • Extended thumb reinforcement to prevent from injuries
  • Complete wrist coverage to hold small bones securely in place


RDX is a pioneer in manufacturing high quality sports and fitness equipment. Their hand wraps are best in the business right now, they are able to retain their shape and are easy to wash. You will not find any tear after intensive training. All in all you’ll find these wraps ultra-comfortable and when it comes to the price, offer excellent value for your money.