Are all MMA Shorts the same? – Not ours

MMA Shorts are needed for a number of reasons.

To begin with, they look really cool. The kind of prints and designs you’ll find are nothing short of an art, and that’s because it puts you in the mood for a fight. Ever heard the saying: “look the part, feel the part”? – In this case, MMA shorts will get you in the right mind set.

But enough about appearances – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and is only skin deep. But beauty has no place in the world of MMA unless you’re throwing a gorgeous spinning back kick to snap the head straight off your opponent (you’d be wise to google Edson Barboza) or a perfect setup from a triangle choke to a slick Omoplata. The shorts are usually designed in ways to help you pull off these moves. The body ought to be able to move freely and without restriction. You should be able to stretch your legs without being hampered too.

4 things to pay attention to when you’re purchasing a product (this goes ANY product):


How appealing is the product to your eye and does it seem desirable. Sometimes appearances can fail you where a product looks great but offers short lived usage or none at all. That is why we focus on step 2.


When the eyes are satisfied with what they are viewing, then it’s time to look for utility within that product. Is it useful apart from its visual offering? Does its value go beyond its looks? How does it make my experience better and will it last. When you’ve got appearance and utility down, then it’s time to move to the 3rd point.


Apart from using a product over and over again to wear it down and pretty much blunt the blade of its utility, a product should be ultimately judged by the material or quality of material employed to make it. What affects the quality of that certain commodity and what makes it worthwhile? When this too, has been satisfied, then you need to make sure that it’s worth buying.


When you’ve accomplished the above three – you need to take a long hard look at that product and ask yourself “Is it worth it? Do you spend your hard earned cash on something that might or might not last tomorrow?” The answer is: yes. If the product is worth buying, then you spend the necessary cash. But also make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

In the end what these four points accumulate to what you would call a high-quality product.

Now coming back to the point.

RDX’s MMA Shorts are not typical. The look, visuals and design are attractive; the quality and stitching is almost unheard of, and they provide more than standard utility – they enhance your training experience altogether.

Are you asking yourself if the shorts do more than what shorts are supposed to do? I.e. be loose, comfy and ventilated? Then the answer is a bold ‘yes’.

That is because RDX always looks to push the envelope when it comes to producing high-quality goods. RDX shorts provide more than just a cool pair to train in, the fabric is of the highest quality, breathable and seamlessly stitched using industry’s finest T-3 stitching techniques. The material is typically anti-bacterial and helps with moisture control, wicking sweat away from the skin, through the fabric’s layers and onto the topmost layer to provide a fresh and odour-free training experience. Best part about RDX shorts are that they come with a ventilated cup compartment that can be attached to RDX’s groin cups with ease to provide a slip-free, zero-budge groin cup that stays secure in place and can be attached to drawstrings specially present for the cup.

So the next time you’re thinking of getting shorts that ‘just look cool’, also remember there is a pair out there with your name on it, one that provides utility and training enhancing properties for a very affordable price.