“Are” jumping ropes good for a cardio workout?

Jumping rope is an ideal workout for boxers. Old-time boxers used to add skipping in their boxing training regime. According to studies, jumping for almost 10 minutes can help you burn as many calories as jogging at pace of 8 minutes per mile. Many fitness experts consider the skipping rope the best tool for exercise for its numeral benefits. In this article, we will share some benefits of skipping rope.

Cost – Skipping rope is highly cost effective exercise equipment. Unlike elliptical, treadmill and other high-tech cardio machines, jumping rope is a cost effective tool that lasts for years.

Portability – Skipping rope is a portable exercise tool that you can take anywhere and use it anywhere indoors or outdoors.

Helps gain strength – Jumping is an ideal exercise for building bone density and improving body strength. Skipping helps athletes improve their jump height.

Improves coordination – Skipping rope also helps improve your coordination. It makes you keep a rhythmic pace and use proper form. Keeping proper pace helps improve coordination between your hands and feet.

Fat loss – During skipping, nearly every muscle of your body is involved. It is a perfect cardio exercise that helps you lose fat.

Fast, simple and non-interruptive workout – Another important benefit of skipping is that it is something very simple and fast and involves fun. For skipping, you just need to put on your shoes, grab your rope and start skipping.

Perfect warm up exercise – Skipping is an excellent warm up exercise that can be done before any exercise.

Full-body workout – Jumping rope is literally a full-body workout. It works your legs, abs and arms. It also works your heart and mind. It works almost every part of your body.

Bottom line

Jumping rope is an ideal cardio workout tool because it has a number of benefits on other workouts.