Boxing Gloves – Ultimate Guide For Beginners

What Qualities Best Boxing Gloves Should have?

This guide is for new combat sport fighters looking for a quality boxing glove for general training and competitions. In this guide you will learn about different aspects of a boxing glove.

  • Difference between Expensive and Cheap Gloves

Price is usually a good indication about the quality of a boxing glove. If it’s high it usually means the quality of gloves will be high as well. This may not be 100% true, but 9 out of 10 times this is the case. If you compare some well-known brands from relatively lesser known brands, you will find the famous brand more expensive than the other. So when you are out shopping for a quality glove it is better not to go for the most expensive brand as you will be able to find the similar kind of gloves with lesser known brands.

Also be reasonable in your approach, and don’t expect to find pure leather glove in less than $20. Those gloves normally come in the range of $40 to $70. When you are new to boxing, it feels great to wear high quality expensive gloves, however it is not recommended unless money is not an issue for you.

  • Tips –Finding Perfect Pair of Gloves

Sometimes even the most experienced boxers make mistakes while buying. So don’t be too upset if you make a mistake or two in the beginning. These things happen but I’ll give you some important tips that will help you minimize those mistakes.

  • Bag Gloves are not recommended

Bag gloves are cheaper than the rest, mainly because they are not at the same level as the training and sparring gloves. These type of gloves are built from material that is not so durable and they don’t offer much protection. If you are going to use them for casual bag work then you will have no problem, and they will last for some time, however if you are a regular trainer and need them for heavy bag training then they will cause nothing but trouble. Another disadvantage is that you won’t be able to use them for sparring because of their use of thick foam padding, which hits much harder than normal sparring gloves. Instead gloves fit enough for both sparring and bag work, are a much better choice for new boxers.

  • Does Brand Matters

Even if you are a huge fan of big brands like Winning, Grant or Title, I would never recommend them to beginners as these are too expensive and are used mainly in competitions. For gym work and day-to-day training & sparring sessions, go for less expensive brands such as RDX, which is known for its higher durability and overall hand protection. If you are unsure about any brand it is better to do some research before buying. You can do that by reading online customer feedbacks posted on posted on websites such as ebay and Amazon.

  • Proper Fit

There are no boxing gloves in the world that will guarantees you 100% protection from injuries. Boxing glove is just one factor among so many factors that can result an injury. Factors such as poor punching technique, and ill-fitted boxing gloves are most common. You can work out on your technique with proper training to minimize the risk of an injury but this will take time. However, by using a properly fitted gloves and by using hand wraps underneath your boxing gloves will protect you from avoidable injuries.

Boxing gloves is the most popular combat sports equipment used in boxing, MMA, Muay-Thai, and Kickboxing. So it is important to have a gloves that will last long and also provides adequate protection to hands. As these gloves are also used to block opponent’s strikes in the forms of punches and kicks, it is important to have excellent padding in all areas of a gloves.