Enjoy Dynamic Striking Experience Using RDX Punch Bags

It isn’t about punching hard, its about attitude – Use RDX Heavy Bags in Training

Ever since the emergence of boxing, athletes have been using punch bags to not only improve their boxing skills but also as a physical conditioning tool.

Back in the days, when heavy bags were made from canvas bags to gunny sacks and filled with grain and sand. Even though, the technology has drastically evolved over the years and we see expensive gadgets and machines being used to make perfect punch bags, but one thing hasn’t changed, the sole of a punch bag.

It still serves as a target training for every fighter, and develop power, speed agility and movement. Moreover, you can also try different combinations involving jab, straight right, left hook, right hook, left uppercut, right uppercut, body shot, and power punch, depending on which skills you are trying to improve.

The key to heavy bag training is not to let it dictate the pace for you. It is observed that many fighters just stand in front of the bag, hit and wait for the bag to swing back before they hit again. Instead, you must control its movement, pace and direction. You must lead the charge at all times just like when you are facing a real opponent in the ring. If you develop bad habits during practice, during the fights you will make the same mistakes. So it is wise to eradicate them as early as possible.

During heavy bag workout, never let your bag settle into one place. Keep pursuing it and try to throw as many combination as you can, or you can try and step aside and throw few combinations. When the bag is coming straight back at you, don’t try and it back. Best practice is to step aside and counter in the same direction, the bag is moving. This way you can control the bag, how fast it goes and where is goes.

RDX punching bags are made to ensure enthralling user experience. With its genuine cowhide leather construction and improvised design you will achieve full range of motion with bag contact. It comes with custom made highest quality stainless steel chains to carry the bag. The bag also come equipped with professional quality bag gloves that are padded with unique shell shock gel technology to protect your hands from unwanted injuries.