“badboy” Etebar

“badboy” Etebar

Country: Eastbourne, England
Height: 6FT 1 Inches
Weight: 185lbs (84kg)
Wins: 6
Losses: 1
Class: Middleweight
Duration with RDX: 3 Months

Nowadays, its essential to be a well-rounded Mixed Martial Artist. The ability to exert immense pressure on your opponent and present multiple threats from numerous angles is the undoubtedly the perfect recipe for victory. Liam Etebaris a prime example of a fighter who has this approach perfected.

He has always had a calculated game plan and the aptitude to execute it with flawless precision. Liam will walk you down and scrupulously unravel your own game plan and make you fight his fight, his way at his pace. Which is why he is currently riding a six-fight win streak.

Along with an incredible fight IQ, Liam also has an exciting collection of finishes. Most notable would be his breath-taking 6-second head kick knockout against Andrew Stapleton at CSMMA.

Liam is now looking to make an emphatic return to the sport after recovering from an injury. He has been training hard and is planning to pick up exactly where he left off, which was dominating his division. He is hungry to remind the world that he is a force to be reckoned with.

At 26-years of age, Liam is already a well renowned prospectat 170lbs, with years of improvement in front of him. With his meticulous striking style, he will lure you into a trap before shutting out the lights. Along with his relentless wrestling and admirable heart and grit to finish fights, he is dangerous to anybody. That is why Liam has his fans watching him wherever he fights, because we may yet be looking at a future champion in the making.