Ranini Cundasawmy

Ranini Cundasawmy

Country: Mauritius
Age: 32
Height: 155.5 cm
Weight: 43–51 kg
Wins: 12
Losses: 3
Class: Atomweight
Duration with RDX: 2015-2016

Cundasawmy was born on 19 May 1984 at Victoria Hospital on Mauritius Island. From 1984 – 1994 she lived at Pop Henessy Beau Bassin, 3 brothers and 2 sisters, Rajen, Rajesh, Jean Francois, Rajini and Annais. Her Father Mario and Mum Premila.

She attended the Pre Primary and Primary School of Maingard in Beau Bassin, then the secondary school of villes soeurs in Beau Bassin. At the age of 16 she left villes soeurs secondary school to continue her studies at St Bartholomew’s in Port-Louis..

After her Higher School Certificate (HSC) she wanted to continue her studies at the University of Mauritius but unfortunately her family was not able to afford the cost for her to continue further studies.

When she left school she started to practice kickboxing and worked as a pharmacy helper. She practice kickboxing for one year. In 2002 she went to work as chat animator at Toolink Crm Ltd, where she met her future husband Cundasawmy Louis Patrick. They began to practice Boxe Française Savate together, became good friends and then married in 2008. Patrick is now both her coach and husband. [5] In 2008 they both quit their jobs at Toolink Crm and started their own business DJP Productions.