Five RDX Products Every Fighter Must Have!

We have put together a top five products that every fighter must have. Training is just as important as the fighting and here are some products to help achieve those goals:

RDX 5FT/4FT Heavy Filled Muay Thai Punch Bag with Boxing Gloves 

The RDX 5ft/4ft double-layered non tear punch bag is made from high quality, durable Rex Leather. Available at an approx. weight of 5ft 25-28kg or 4ft 22-24kg, these punch bags give an incredible amount of control and resistance for a harder work out.

RDX Leather Skipping Speed Rope 

Are you seeking a skipping rope without having to compromise on quality and strength? Then the RDX Leather Skipping Speed Rope with dynamic swivel will surely be the right choice for you. The rope is made up of 100% leather, which can easily be cut down to any size and provides a 90-degree perpendicular swivel design permitting the speed without unnecessary wrist movement.

RDX MMA Training Fight Socks

Our non-slip MMA socks are widely known for their exceptional quality and unique design which offer the best support to your feet. The socks feature excellent arch support design allows your foot to perform naturally free movements without feeling bumps from the sole. The socks are designed for additional grip on more or less any surface and are made from a hygienic, sweat-absorbing spandex which is perfect for all barefoot workouts.

RDX Bandage Hand Wraps 

Hand wraps are essential for providing wrist and hand support whilst training. Our high quality hand wraps are constructed of flexible carbon fibre with thick woven material, which offer the best protection and support to both your hands and wrists.

RDX Inner Glove Hand Wraps

Boxing is a game of hands, where hand injuries are very common. RDX Inner Hand Wraps promise to give you ideal protection to your hands during training. The wraps feature with convenient hand wrap and best shock absorbing tendency, these gloves are ideal for any sportsperson.