It’s Friday the Sale Day: 10% off Store Wide at RDX Sports


RDX Sports is throwing knockout deals on ALL fitness equipment, and we assure you, every Friday from today – will be your greatest. Enter ‘ITSFRIDAY‘ at the checkout for a 10% discount on a range of our high-end products that includes some of our latest gear! To top things off, this is not just for one weekend, or two, or even THREE. THIS IS A DEAL FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR on every Friday!

That’s right, from this Fridaytill the LAST Friday of the year, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on awesome products when the clock strikes 12 AM till 12 PM (Saturday).

Why’re we doing this? Because no one appreciates their customer more than we do – and we’re trying to make your day, every Friday.


Boxing Gear

Blue, Black Boxing Glove Protective Fitness Equipment Gear

Quadcore Leather Training Gloves

If you’ve seen our adverts with Michael Bisping in them, you will have noticed his favourite pair of gloves. Yep, if you’ve wanted to get these bad boys in the past but felt like it was a burden on the pocket, you need not worry anymore because come this Friday, these gloves can be yours.

  • Made from authentic leather that is stitched to perfection
  • High-density compressed Tri-Slab padding with Shell-Shock gel lining
  • Anti-Microbial inner fabric feels pleasant against the skin and wicks moisture away for dry and comfortable punching experience

Mixed Martial Arts

Black, White MMA Glove Protective Gear Fitness equipment

Hearse MMA Gloves

Our latest line of MMA gloves. Sleek in design, durable in quality. Become as dangerous as they sound. Drive your opponents to doom using ‘The Hearse’ exclusively using your 10% discount code. If you miss them the first time around – that’s okay, because there’s always next Friday.

  • Equipped with Shell-Shock™ gel and EVA-LUTION™ padding. Only the very best in shock absorption when it comes to throwing shots to your opponent
  • Authentic leather and meticulous stitching means only one thing – the longest durability in a pair of grappling gloves ever
  • Dual strap design and thumb padding ensures excellent fit, outstanding wrist support and encompassed hand safety

Protective Gear


Protective Head Gear Fitness equipment Black Red RDX Logo

COMBOX Head Guard

If you’re looking to get this boxing head gear, then your head’s definitely in the right place because we’re giving away exclusive discounts every Friday on all sorts of protective gear and fitness equipment. This head guard comes with a removable face grill and is one of our best selling products this year.

  • Tri-Slab™ with Shell-Shock™ gel-lines between each slab for max shock absorption
  • Maya Hide™ leather covers this extremely durable and well-built head-guard
  • Removable high-quality face grill to ensure fully encompassed head protection

Fitness Gear

Fitness equipment weight lifting gloves blue white black

Metallic Leather Gloves

These weight lifting gloves are for the bodybuilders of today. Get your hands on these exclusively designed and patented gym gloves this Friday by entering ITSFRIDAY in the checkout for a sweet discount on RDX’s fitness equipment.

  • Digitally processed NUBUCK palm provides a vice grip without sacrificing gripping and lifting technique
  • Exclusive Metallic leather provides is futuristic and sophisticated at the same time offering long-life technologically backed durability
  • Long exclusively designed Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop design offers wrist support, which stabilizes and corrects bad lifting technique

Weight Lifting Strap Black Fitness equipment

Ultra Reverse lifting grips

These reverse lifting grips are one of the best of fitness equipment in the market today. Use your special ‘ITSFRIDAY’ discount code at the check out to get your hands on these hi-tech reverse lifting grips. Built to max out your gains and minimize damage to the wallet.

  • The hook is set “in” towards the palm of your hand to alleviate pressure off the wrists and hands
  • Attachable to dumbbells or weight lifting with great ease
  • Made for a no-slip grip experience during those intense workouts

Apparel and Fitness Wear

Black, white and red training shorts

Shock-Wave Training Shorts

Get your hands on one of our hottest selling pairs of shorts that are perfect for MMA, Muay Thai, boxing or plain fitness. T-3 stitching offers mind bending durability that holds true to the Shock-Wave series. Use your exclusive ‘ITSFRIDAY’ discount code for great deals on this fitness equipment.

  • Innovative fabric offers maximum flexibility for kinds of agile movements
  • T3 stitching for higher strength and endurance ensures the longest lasting pair of training shorts ever to grace your body
  • Anti-microbial and odour-preventing properties keep the bad smells at bay while dealing with bacteria

Sleeveless Fleece jacket

We make fitness equipment not only to make you look good – but feel good too. All you need to do is use your special ITSFRIDAY discount code at the checkout to grab this exercise running fleece jacket. Great for moderate weather training with its sleeveless arms and high neck design.

  • Durable and stretchable non-pilling Terry Fleece material retains elasticity in all conditions without pilling
  • The close-fitting hood is designed to lightly cling without hampering movement in any way
  • Reinforced T3-stitching seams make jacket highly durable for all conditions for indoor or outdoor activity


EGO Boxing Gloves

If you’re not an RDX fan already, then these gloves may very well do the trick. A favourite amongst pro and amateur alike, the Ego boxing training gloves are one of our hottest selling products. We’re so proud of this product that we have an entire series of it. But for now, we want the world to experience the joy of holding this pair of gloves, because to us, it’s something special.

  • Made using patented Maya Hide leather that is stubbornly durable and frustratingly resilient
  • Tri-Slab padding with Shell-Shock gel lining repels impact and consolidates aggressively charged molecules
  • Built for speed and THROWING BOMBS

EGO MMA Gloves:

Our EGO series spans over more than just boxing gloves, we’ve got an MMA line too WAITING to grace your hands. Our most coveted of MMA gloves are just what you need to enhance those training levels. Nothing is more fun than landing a double leg takedown in style, other than a 10% discount of course.

  • Patented Maya Hide™ leather for MMA sparring gloves with unbeatable durability
  • PC-3™ contoured padding aligns with hands to disperse shock and protect knuckles
  • D-Cut™ architecture with thumb sheath for full-hand protection and improved grip

Blue Streak Training Shorts

Our latest line of training shorts and fitness equipment. Get Blue Streak today, and if you don’t remember – there’s always next Friday. Blaze the gym blue whether its Muay Thai kickboxing, MMA or boxing – these shorts were designed to bring out the best in you. T-3 stitching and awesome design can mean only one thing – kicking ass, and looking good while you’re doing it.

  • Anti-bacterial treated Polyester with heavy-duty micro fibers make these shorts breathable and hygienic
  • Industry’s finest T-3 stitching promises a long-lasting product that will stick around through endless training
  • Micro-stretch fabric details intricate body movements comfortably


Weight lifting hand bar straps

Get your hands on unrivalled fitness equipment. This Gym Strap presents the strongest of nylon straps and attaches conveniently to pretty much any bar. Equipped with bigger sized chrome steel made carabiners that easily attach to the machine or bar of choice.

  • Built from hard wearing nylon that’ll last you a life time
  • Sleek in design
  • Easily attaches to the weight or bar of your choosing

Men’s Gym Vest

Stitched to compliment your physique during those intense lifting hours. Make sure this bodybuilding vest is a staple in your fitness equipment bag. Get an exclusive discount this Friday using ITSFRIDAY discount code at the checkout.

  • Polyester build ensure durability and body conforming design
  • Flat seam stitching ensures anti-chafing properties
  • Wicks away moisture from the skin for a comfy training experience

Halo Gym Gloves series:

It’s Friday and we’re giving the best fitness equipment discounts. Get a grip on them while you still can. These leather weight lifting gloves are just what you need for minimum callus and maximum gains.

  • Authentic leather construction combined with four-way breathable fabric ensures resiliency AND comfort
  • Suede leather palm with light cushioning offers grip and pressure alleviation while protecting you from bad hygiene
  • Antibacterial inner lining deals with microbial build-up caused by moisture concentration

Carbon Lime:

The Carbon Lime series will bring out toughness and confidence in you from its very construction. From this Friday on to the last one of the year, you’ll have a chance every week to get your hands on awesome protective and fitness equipment on the market today.

  • Patented Maya Hide spells the most stubborn leather in the business today. Resiliency and endurance at its finest
  • Double-stitching throughout design ensures Tri-Slab™ with Shell-Shock™ gel-lining between each slab remains firm and intact
  • Shock-absorbent gel technology ensures consolidation and equal distribution of shock-impact.


If you missed this Friday, that’s okay, because we’re continuing this madness until the last Friday of the year. Get all your favourite gear today, or next Friday using your discount code: ITSFRIDAY for awesome deals.