Half Rash Guard Half Compressional

Turn an uncomfortable situation into a comfortable one with our latest 4-panel stretch, compressional rash guards. Introducing RDX’s solution for no-gi Jiu-Jitsu training.

Grappling is an art that requires hours of body to body movement. The idea is to make each move with precision and technique, which means all body maneuvers have to be ‘tight’, with zero space between either bodies. To simplify the situation in a sentence: Grappling can be a grueling, gritty, and downright NASTY experience. Imagine all the sweat, grime, hair, odour of another human being smothering you and vice versa. Without a guard, at best, you’ll go home with some matt burn – or a really nasty rash.

Serving as a second-hide, the rash guard not only keeps odour and itch-causing bacteria from affecting you, it also benefits your training by wicking away sweat which helps with gripping. Jiu-Jitsu and wrestling can be a very suffocating experience; breathing is hard, movement is restricted, the workout is absolutely exhausting. The flat-lock stitched neoprene fabric used on these hi-tech rash guards are highly breathable and durable without losing its elasticity at any given time. Its stretch memory retains after countless washes, maintaining quality after long periods of use.

Rash Guard 80

This guard’s design is somewhere between a compressional shirt and a rash guard, with benefits of both. The compressional properties of the rash guard help with muscle recovery and blood circulation, while its cut covers the entire upper body, from wrists to neck. The guard also retains heat for added weight loss.

No skin chaffing, no rashes, and no icky feeling the next time you’ve got someone in a guillotine choke. This guard not only removes the uncomfortableness of grappling, but enhances it too.

  • Patent Pending rash guard is Super-stretchable NEO II™ modulates heat and retains memory while wicking sweat from the body
  • Long sleeved guard fits tightly to the skin while protecting the entire torso from rashes
  • Flat seam technology increases stretchable properties and range of motion.
  • Prevents skin chaffing Retains heat for improved blood circulation
  • Fabric retains memory and never loses elastic form but enhances the entire grappling experience.