Latest arrival of high-end Boxing and Gym equipment in the RDX catalog

RDX 4FT Heavy Filled Punch Bag Set, Boxing Gloves with Floor Anchor System N

Enjoy marked improvement in fight sessions with this latest arrival from RDX sports, the RDX 4FT Heavy filled punch bag set, boxing gloves with floor anchor system N. With Zero effect G-Core™ dual layer non-tear Rex Leather Technology, this punch bag comes up with a variety of attributes to compliment all kinds of fighters. This genuine RDX intense textile filled punch bag, with dual stitch strength is manufactured precisely to endure toughest kicks and punches. Its double layer provides maximized force diffusion, thus proving the RDX heavy bag an unparalleled choice for gyms or home usage.

Auth RDX Gel Weight Lifting Body Building Gloves, Gym Bottle Training Leather BK

RDX sports equipment can help improve your performance both in the ring and at home. With superior design and understanding of the sport, RDX gloves cater to the needs of athletes completely. Made of authentic leather with neutral hand curve palm gel padding, RDX gloves will perfectly fit around the hands of its users. Thanks to our superior, innovative technology, these gloves are machine-washable and easily dryable, to get rid of grime and dirt. Whether you want to practice with your partner or need them for fights in the ring, these gloves will provide excellent strength and endurance.

RDX Ultimate Leather Boxing Gloves Fight with Gum Shield & Case Mouth Guard

Our authentic, quality materials make RDX sports a prime choice for sports equipment for all professional athletes. This is the world’s best gyms, health clubs and eBay shoppers are quickly adapting to RDX equipment. Now RDX has created another amazing item, the RDX ultimate leather boxing gloves, with gum shield and case mouth guard. These items are manufactured from specially selected hides of full grain authentic leather and gel shock padding, making RDX gloves the most sought after brand by high profile professionals and athletes of all kinds. These elite gloves are paired with a cutting-edge multi-layered Monocoque edge gum guard, combined with Tri-Bite and Gel-Fit, ensuring ultimate protection to the teeth and gums.

RDX Thai Kick Strike Curved Arm Pad MMA Focus with Gel Bag Mitts Boxing Gloves

With RDX’s signature cutting edge technology, this pair of gloves come with a pressure point Porelle membrane PTM Dome™ Pad, that properly binds with your hands offering more control. The gloves come with genuine RDX Anatomic mechanism multi-layered Gel foam, offering the best hand protection available on the market. They measure up as 10” length and 2.5” width, tightly wrapping around the wrist, offering ultimate moisture absorption properties. The superb quality of our products makes RDX sports the prime choice for every athlete, as recommended by world class health clubs and gyms. So if you’re looking a product that gives you better support and perfect grip, choose RDX sports gloves.

RDX Rex Leather Boxing Gloves Fight Punch Bag Head Guard Hand Wraps MMA Bandages

Here we have another set of high-end, atomic synthetic leather gloves made of genuine cow hide, perfect for professionals during sparring. Its wrap around Velcro closure mechanism and triple-layered padding ensure immaculate moisture control and great grip for your hands and wrists. These gloves are designed for MMA athletes, to offer perfect protection to your fingers during fights and training schedules. It’s specially moulded triple-layered gel integrated padding scheme ensures complete grip to hands for better striking ability. These gloves are available with authentic, highly flexible hand wraps with extra thin carbon fiber for the best protection available. RDX’s superb head guard is also a part of this kit which is filled with three layers of IMT for paramount absorption of heavy duty shocks.