Medicine Balls – Squat Throw Workout!

Medicine balls are weighted balls which are used for fitness workouts. These balls can be used in numerous ways and improve your body fitness in quite an efficient way. All the exercises performed using these balls are beneficial but a few of them have extraordinary advantages which you can’t deny. Squat Throw is one of those exercises. This workout mainly targets your shoulder, arm, chest and leg muscles and makes them considerably strong.

How to do Squat Throw?

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It’s simple! All you need to do is grab a medicine ball and follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. With both your hands, hold a medicine ball in your hands with firm grip.
  2. Act like you’re sitting on an invisible chair and position your body accordingly.
  3. Bring the ball in front of your chest.
  4. Get ready for a high jump.
  5. Jump up high in the air.
  6. Throw the ball in the air when you reach maximum height.
  7. Catch the ball if you can (it will save you time and let you perform next repetition without taking a long break).
  8. Repeat the process till you complete the number of repetitions.

What are the benefits of Squat Throw?

There are lots of benefits of squat throw. Some of them are mentioned below.

Stronger Muscles

Regular Squat Throw workouts build your muscles and make them stronger and tougher.

Improved Balance

This exercise improves your body balance and control in an effective way. It also improves your Hand-Eye coordination.

Better Cardiovascular Health

Performing squat throws using medicine balls strengthens your heart and makes your cardiovascular health better.

Perfect Body Shape

This workout is amazing if you want perfect body shape and ultimate body fitness and strength.

Firm Grip

Your grip improves remarkably and becomes stronger and firmer if you perform squat throws on daily basis.

How to choose a suitable Medicine Ball?

There are many factors which you should keep in mind and make your decision of buying a medicine ball based on them.


The size of the ball should be appropriate, neither too big nor too small.


The weight of the ball depends on your capability and requirements. The medicine balls in markets and on online stores mostly have a weight range of 5-12 kg. Select the ball which you can lift without overburdening your muscles.


The quality of the ball must be excellent. Check out different brands and select from their range of fine quality medicines balls. Make sure you get yourself a durable medicine ball.


Do not care much about the price but make sure that you don’t get a cheap one in an attempt to save some money. Cheap medicine balls are mostly unreliable and expire early. You can easily get good quality branded medicine balls at reasonable rates from online stores as well as the markets.