MMA Equipment – Beginners Guide To RDX Protective Gear


For any true MMA training regimen to prove fruitful, top quality MMA equipment plays a key role in its success and a trainer’s exponential growth.

MMA equipment, be it training gear or clothes, they should be made keeping quality, durability, performance enhancement, comfort, longevity and affordability as a priority. Let’s familiarize ourselves with most commonly used MMA Protective gear which is considered an essential part of both training and fighting. Some items that are recognized as absolutely essential when it comes to training MMA participants includes the following items:

RDX |Chest Guard

Available in two variations, you can choose from:

  • RDX Heavy Duty Gel Armor Chest Guard
  • RDX Heavy Duty Armor Protector Chest

 RDX products are built with the purpose of enhancing confidence in its users, for this reason only top-of-the-line premium quality products are used, which includes our special

Tri-Slab Shell-Shock™ technology assimilated with Supremo Shock™ foam padding. In order to minimize shock and impact of a hit, this gel is cleverly designed to cover each slab inside the padding to absorb jolts. To warrant proper protection the entire product is prepared with shock-resistant EVA-LUTION FOAM™ technology alongside P-Fit™ strap system which guarantees the chest Guard is secured properly. Allows for free, unhampered movement, these guards are made to withstand heavy impact, be it in the form of chomping kicks or anything else. Extensive protection allows fighters to worry less about self-guarding and in turn focus more on strategy and performance.

RDX |Mouth Guard

Made available in three ranges:

  • RDX Air Max Gum Shield Mouth Guard
  • RDX Air Gel Gum Shield Mouth Guard
  • RDX Gel Air Max Gum Shield Mouth Guard

By introducing matchless PolyShock Tech™ which provides over 150% boosted shock-absorbing capacity, RDX multilayered latex-free Monocoque frame protectors now guarantee maximum protection to safeguard gums.  Furthermore, to ensure this these mouth guards are finished with Gel Fit lining™ which features Tri-Bite™.  Special technical features such as air flow design that swivels the trainer’s mouth forward, is included to reduce cortisol production; made available with an anti-microbial protective case treated with RDX AM-S™ technology. For superior protection and security, the second variation of these mouth guards includes Poly Gel exoskeleton frame which is made with soft acrylic Gel Fit lining™, packed with a tastefully designed rear Acrigel molar cushions to make certain the mouth is protected fully.