Celebrate National Best Friends Day with RDX Sports

If you do everything together, why not work out together as well!

Your best friends are the people you talk to when the world feels too much to handle and you just want some time off. People who have best friends are the happiest people. They meet each other, communicate and help each other when something happens. Having a best friend as your workout partner increases the chance of you getting fit by two folds. You can always compete, match results, and compare strength, skill, and endurance.

Here are the most fun and fitness oriented workouts you can do with your bestie wherever you guys go!


Well now that you have realized how cool MMA is in today’s sports world, you and your best friend must get into it. It’ll be fun and you guys would become the toughest guys on the block! Of course, it is hard work and you might have a lot of doubts in your head about the injuries and how much the gym will charge but the physical challenge and the life change itself will be different. But nothing is boring when you have a friend! Your friend will be your support system while you wear a pair of MMA gloves and practice. You won’t make a fool out of yourself. You will be challenging each other to be better and you won’t be alone in the journey to becoming an MMA artist. Plus: you can burn over 1000 calories in one MMA class.


Boxing has so many advantages, you can’t even count. It will enhance your confidence, your speed, your grace, and mind to body coordination and focus while shedding that extra weight you have. One boxing workout burns over 600 calories. Add a skipping rope and shadow boxing regime as a warm up and you’re looking at a 1000 calorie burn rate. Make your bestie run rounds with you. Buy an easy setup punching bag and set it up in your home or his. Attic, garage, patio, you can find any place big enough to practice and you can start your own little boxing gym.


Exercise is better than medicine. Remember that. And running is the best form of cardio. It doesn’t cost a thing. It will help you and your friend avoid any chances of heart-related diseases. You can gossip on the way to the other block, strategize a new business plan or think about new creative ideas while getting leaner and healthier. Running helps improve mental health and reduces chances of depression, anxiety, hypertension and even cardiac arrests. It will help you talk through a lot of things while running from life. You will leave the world behind and become more hopeful and happy. You’ll be forcing your body to work in a higher capacity. It will improve your lungs and it will make you guys healthier. All you have to do is buy a matching pair of gym suit and get running!

Medicine ball exercises

Most friends play basketball or football. Let’s give it a fitness upgrade. Buy a medicine ball of the weight of your choice. They are fun, multipurpose and there is much lower chance of injury than other sports. They allow all kinds of movements that is why it is easier to use it while you are standing, sitting, lying down, dynamic and static movement, etc. it helps you improvise your core workouts and if you workout with a medicine ball with a friend, you will never get bored. It will strengthen your body while making it easier for you to do these exercises with your friend. Exercises like rotational pass, high-low twist and pass, lateral lunge with a throw, overhead slam, stomach hits and kneeling partner twist would be the best best-friend workouts.


Body weight workouts

Trendy fitness gyms are the best place to join, but when it comes to body weight training, all you need is a good partner and the will to train yourself. Body weight training ranks number 2nd on the American College of Sports Medicine’s survey in 2014. Body weight training keeps you in shape. It will improve your strength, endurance, burn calories and bond with your best friend as well. First off, it is very convenient, you can do it anywhere. Practically any time you are chilling with your pal at his house after dinner or join him before breakfast and start training. The most you’ll probably need is a pair of gym gloves to wick away the moisture in your hands and make you feel stronger! Body weight training with your best friend is convenient, inexpensive, improvised and easy as 1-2-3.

The best of friends fight, train and eat together. Start any of these exercises and see how good your bond becomes!

Happy Best Friend’s Day!