Nemesis Boxing Glove Review by RDX Sports

Introducing our latest in boxing training gloves, enter Nemesis. The boxing glove features the latest innovations in glove design and material. Layers of protection coat your hands from fist to wrist, allowing you to throw bombs at will with no fear to spare. From padding to inner – you’re guaranteed a punching experience, unlike any other glove.

The glove is available in 2 different colors and 4 different weights.

Nemesis Glove

Protection & Padding

The outer layer of the Nemesis glove is our trademark Maya Hide leather that is sturdier and much more resilient than other synthetic leathers – you can barely tell the difference between real leather and ours.

Multiple layers of compressed foam padding with a slab of shock-absorbent gel padding, the hands of the wearer are safe from impact incurred from heavy shots.

nemesis boxing glove

The best thing about the Nemesis gloves is that there is a short break-in period. The gloves will be soft and conform to your hands’ shape after your first few workouts.

The Quadro DomeTM technology keeps hands snuggly fit inside the glove. This unique technology keeps the hand compartment safer for even when you are working on heavy bags.

Two layers of shock absorption sheets are placed in the wrist area to provide padding to the wrist and keep the glove securely fit on your hand. Wrist care is an overlooked factor with many manufacturers – but not us.


The glove comfortable to begin with and once you use them once or twice for training and sparring, they will conform to your hands better.

The inner padding is designed to keep your hand as comfortable as possible while keeping it safe.

nemesis boxing gloves

The thumb placement is perfect and you will not feel any awkwardness. The thumb gets just as much protection as the rest of the hand.

The fabric on the palm is breathable and it complements the smooth liner and controls the sweat.

The balance of the weight is ideal. From wrist to fist, the weight is distributed perfectly to aid boxers during training.


The Nemesis boxing glove has our patented Quick-EZ hook-and-loop closure system.

nemesis boxing glove

The Velcro straps can be easily be operated on your own. The attribute makes the gloves ideal for use during home boxing workouts.


The material used in the manufacturing of the Nemesis boxing glove is Maya Hide, which is more durable than any other synthetic material.

Strengthened stitching holds the material together and enhances the overall toughness of the glove.


The very affordable Nemesis glove is comfortable on your wallet as well.

The gloves are comfortable priced at $36.99. For boxing beginners and amateurs that is the most well-priced glove in the market.

They don’t have to break the bank just to get themselves some training mitts, thanks to the Nemesis.


The last word about Nemesis is that you are not only buying comfort, you are also buying performance at an affordable price.

You will not be able to find a glove priced at $36.99 and get the same attributes anywhere else.

When you purchase the Nemesis glove, train hard and have no worries, this glove will last you years.

Nemesis Boxing Glove