Nemesis MMA Gloves Review by RDX Sports

RDX introduces the Nemesis MMA Glove, part of their nemesis combat sports glove series. The Nemesis MMA gloves review will delve into every thread and grain to see what it offers to fighters.

RDX Nemesis MMA gloves review

The Nemesis MMA glove is built for maximum protection, safety, and performance during MMA training. The patented Maya Hide leather gives better performance than leather. It is also more durable and easy to care for than real leather.

The glove is available in 4 different color variations.

Nemesis MMA Glove

Nemesis MMA Gloves Review – Materials

The most notable feature of the Nemesis MMA glove is that is has a 12mm EVA-LUTION foam.

The foam is capable of high shock absorption and is lighter than other impact breaking padding.

The top layer of the glove is Maya Hide leather. It is a synthetic leather that is sturdier than real leather. Any fighter with these gloves in will admire the comfort and fitting that Maya Hide offers.

The materials are triple-stitched together to ensure that the glove can endure the highest levels of intensity during training.

MMA gloves review

The glove is perfect for striking and grappling thanks to the open-palm design. You can quickly switch from striking to grappling without missing a beat.

The glove also has a Maya Hide thumb sheath for protection of the thumb.

The Quick-EZ closure gives the wrist the support it requires during MMA training and fights. It helps lessen the risk of damage to wrist bones and ligaments.

Nemesis MMA Gloves Review – Performance

The RDX Nemesis MMA glove is comfortable and tough.

The glove offers great coverage of the hand area. You can punch and spar with confidence. The padding and wrist closure offers unbelievable protection to hand and wrist.

Glove’s most important feature is that it can serve you for grappling as well. The open-palm design will let you easily grab hold of opponents or sparring partners.

You won’t have to alternate between striking and grappling gloves when you are wearing Nemesis MMA glove.

Nemesis MMA Gloves Review – Value

The RDX Nemesis MMA Glove provides great value for fighters.

The glove is available in only $24.99.

Multipurpose, sturdy, and delivers great performance at an affordable price.

Price is an important factor to consider for MMA fighters and a glove that can deliver quality performance in low price matters a lot.

We have carefully kept the balance between quality materials, affordable pricing, and incorporation of relevant features for the glove.

The long-lasting Nemesis MMA Glove is a great addition to your MMA training kit.

Nemesis MMA Glove

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