RDX Boxing Gloves – Where Style Meets Durability

As more and more people look to train in boxing to get fit and stay active, they are constantly in search of a durable and reliable pair of boxing gloves that can last long, protect their hands, knuckles and wrists all the while offering a glove that represents their unique style. When you are training for boxing, there are a lot of details you need to consider and is not as simple as it may sound. What kind of training are you doing? Are you shadow boxing, sparring, or are you working the bag? Which bag – speed, heavy or the double end? At RDX, we understand what it takes to be a boxer. We know what training you will be doing and what you are going to need for it. We have an entire range of training, sparring and fighting gloves range and they are at the very junction of style and reliability.

RDX Power Fighter Leather Sparring Gel Boxing Gloves:

The RDX Power Fighter Leather Sparring Gel Boxing Gloves are the perfect selection when you are sparring with a partner. Made with top quality cowhide leather, these boxing gloves utilize the latest Shell shock gel technology for padding that absorbs the impact of the hardest of strikes. They also offer great wrist support with its extra-long Quick-Ez wrist closure strap.

RDX QUAD-KORE Leather Training Gloves:

The RDX QUAD-KORE Leather Training Gloves are the perfect all-purpose boxing gloves. RDX’s QUAD-KORE technology offers an unprecedented four layers of padding offering the ultimate hand and wrist protection.

RDX Ladies Fitness Gel Leather-X Gloves:

Understand the needs of the female boxers; RDX has come up with an amazing range of quality women boxing gloves. Boxing is one of the best fitness workouts as well as a skill in terms of self-defense. Historically, women had no special boxing gloves, instead they would choose the smallest boxing gloves used for men but today that is no longer the case. The RDX Ladies Fitness Gel Leather-X Gloves is not only get one of the best boxing gloves in the market with the latest multi-layered shell shock gel technology, but also a host of various colours to showcase your style in the ring.