RDX Lifting Straps: Lifts Fitness to another Level

Looking for Lifting Straps that will bring the passion back in your training routines? If that’s the case then look no further. This season RDX brings you top-of-the-line, premium quality Lifting Straps with magical features that will revolutionize your training experience all together.

Method to the Means: Strapped to Fitness

RDX targets to enhance the wheel of life by perfecting function of the product while aiming at making sure the overall understanding of possible usage methods are disseminated and understood to the point of application by end user. Let’s explore some features vital to our products identity to understand why RDX Lifting Straps are the ones for you:

  1. Nylon and Polyester built, engineered to maximize product durability and life cycle.
  2. Cleverly designed straps ensure a firm grip with ease of wrapping – the 58cm long strap wraps around two to three times easily.
  3. Rubberized grip with ‘no slip’ rubber dots allow for better form, an improved lifting method, greater precision, and accuracy in lifts, especially with the case of bars, rods and weights.
  4. Cleverly placed Neoprene central to the strap provides for sufficient cushioning, much needed to keep the strap from scraping next to the skin causing callouses and tears.

Upgrade your training experience with these straps and experience the difference in your lifting game today!