RDX MMA Fight Shorts Review – Durable, Stylish & Comfortable

The Greatest MMA Shorts for Fighting and Grappling

When it comes to combat sportswear – comfort and functionality are crucial. Especially for MMA fighters, MMA shorts are the most significant piece of clothing. After all, you have to cover the bases, and if it makes fighting and training a little more comfortable, why not use them?

Great Fighting shorts can only should be measured by how unrestricted your movement is and can handle friction and stretching during training or competition. When you are out shopping, make sure the shorts you buy are light weight and easy to clean. Some poor quality shorts made from weak fabric can fall apart after just couple of machine washes.

RDX MMA Shorts are made with all these considerations in mind. They are made for rugged use and able to take maximum punishment. Let’s find out what more they can offer to you.

RDX MMA Shorts Fighting Grappling

These RDX MMA Shorts were created to help you maximize your performance giving your legs extra flexibility. The cut on each side of your legs allows you to have more room for quick stretch outs, high kicks and other activities with the help of the double layered flex panel. They also have an exclusive mid-thigh design to help with your mobility. Shorts have a special inner strip waistband with an interlocking drawstring that is adjustable and allows you to find the best fit. They also feature an odor prevention material that is high quality and incorporates design elements to increase the shorts visual appeal.


  • Made from anti-bacterial treated Polyester with heavy-duty microfibers that wicks sweat and enhances breathability
  • T-3 stitching makes these superior Patent Pending shorts super durable and long-lasting
  • New and improved Quick-EZ Velcro closure with drawstrings makes these highly adjustable and slip free Anatomic cuts on either side assists with kicking, stretching and movement
  • Micro-stretch panels (printed Lycra) increases moisture ventilation while grip flex creates traction between you and your opponent when grappling
  • Shorts hold up well for grappling

Just Remember

When you are ordering, only order from RDX Sports official website to avail authentic products. In addition you will also benefit from secure delivery and round the clock customer support services. For more details on sizes and colors, visit our website.