RDX Sports’ Latest Jump Ropes

Burn fat and kick ass from the comfort of your home.

You can punch and kick pads all day, but if you don’t have the footwork to go along with all that cool striking – you’re going to be an easy target wondering why you’re being lit up like a Christmas tree. To land some punishment and to avoid it at the same time, means you need footwork. We have a way to fix both footwork and help you lose those extra calories from the comfort of your home.


By footwork, we’re sort of talking ‘dance steps’. Staying light and easy on the toes while holding your fighting form is key. Foot work helps you enter and exit with combinations and helps avoid and absorb shots.

The best way to attain the kind of balance to use footwork as a good defense AND offense is through skipping. Or to make it sound cooler ‘jumping rope’. Yep, if skipping is not a part of your training routine, then kiss foot work goodbye.

RDX Sports brand new jump ropes:

  • 3000mm steel wire PRO jumping ropes come in four designs.
  • Aluminum and plastic build with unique ball bearing mechanisms.
  • 360 rotation, adjustable lengths and multiple unhampered revolutions per minute.
  • Some of our designs also comes with an Alan key for perfect length adjustment.
  • Comes with a nylon bag for easy storage and carry.

Here are a few exercises that’ll help you burn fat, AND develop a basis of footwork. Do this exercise in for 20 minutes every day in segments – and watch your game change.


If you’ve never skipped before. This is literally the most basic of all jumps. Swing rope, and hop over using the balls of your feet and continue ‘hopping’ on the toes over the rope.

2. Alternate FOOT JUMP

Imagine the basic jump ‘frequency’ (or speed). The same mechanism that requires you to hop (on the balls of your feet) but this time while ‘jogging’ or running. Basically, alternate between the feet jumping over the rope. Intense jump rope workouts will have you eventually bringing your knees all the way up.

3. Switch Foot Hop

Using the same mechanism – imagine going from jogging to hopping on one foot. 3 hops per each foot is usually a good way to go.