RDX Sportswear and Fitness Clothing For Efficient Workout

There are plenty of sports enthusiasts today. The advent of technology and great sports programming has a lot to do with that. It is also the result of a lot of hard work by many different players and proponents of the various sports involved. Various sports, especially combat sports, such as Kickboxing and MMA have spawned an entire industry catering to training, memorabilia, and gear, including great clothing lines. The fact that these sport are also popular among women, and has further fuelled the demand of their clothing products after witnessing the success afforded to female fighters such as Rhonda Rousey. With the advent of women as part of the equation, these clothing lines are now viewed as a fashion line in and of itself. Apart from fulfilling the obvious necessities such as comfort and quality, they have also come to define a certain sense of style among those who favour it. Since 1999, RDX has done a great job in setting itself apart from the industry as a clothing retailer synonymous with both durability as well as comfort. The company’s products are known not just for being the best clothing lines option for Muay Thai, MMA, or even weightlifting but also for their amazing designs. As such, the RDX clothing range is one of the best ranked clothing options currently available on the market.

Shorts – what kind of shorts do you need? MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai, or simple just to train in weightlifting? There is no shortage of styles, sizes, colours, or whichever short you fancy. You can get them in any you’d like, in various sizes, and you can have your assortment of tights or many other variations such as gladiator shorts, which have slits on the to allow for more range of motion.

boxing shortsboxing-shorts

Compression Apparel – want to increase strength by training longer and shorting your recovery time? Compression clothing has been scientifically tested to improve your circulation before, during and after training sessions. They are great for muscle support and reduce muscle vibration during lifts. The heightened compression of the apparel improves the blood pumping mechanism through your veins to your heart, thus allowing for faster warm-ups, reduced risks of clotting, DVT, and swollen limbs. Finally, the skin tight compression of the attire provides for a heightened awareness of posture and stability. RDX’s line of compression apparel, such as the Thermal Compression Flex shorts are a great example of ingenious design and functionality as it includes an ergonomically designed groin cup without the need to adjust it due to shifting or sliding.

RDX Compression Apparel Compression Apparel

Sauna Suit – Want to make weight for that next fight? Consider RDX’s line-up of sauna suits. Sauna suits are designed to boost your metabolism, allowing you to quickly lose weight. Designed to retain your own body heat during workout session, allowing you to really sweat it out and get rid of that extra weight quickly and effectively. RDX come in various colour options and are made with high quality Nylon with Impact-X technology, with dual stitched seams.

Sauna SuitRDX Sauna Suit

Tracksuit & Trousers – Tracksuits and trousers are on a tear lately for working out, especially to show off your aesthetic side with well-designed RDX line up. With the widespread popularity of MMA, a growing number of fans wishing to show an affiliation to the sport in form of a fashion statement or an affinity to certain superstars look to make that statement by sporting clothing such as t-shirts and tracksuits.


Whether you are a fighter, a weightlifter, a sports enthusiast, or someone simply on the lookout for some really comfortable and well designed clothes, with the RDX line of clothes, you are always in luck. With so many different vagaries for sportswear RDX offers a clothing designed to fit your style and can withstand the wear and tear of multiple changes, washes, and also the rigours of various intense sessions. Do you need MMA or boxing shorts? How about a sauna suit? A tracksuit? Or maybe even compression apparel! You can get them in any you’d like, in all kinds of sizes for men, women, and kids alike. Whether one is fighting in them or mostly training, the RDX clothing range is made from the best material.