Stay Fit With RDX Fitness Gear

One of the best societal trends we are experiencing today is the heightened awareness and effort towards living a healthier lifestyle. Everyone wants to not just live longer but they want that longer life to be lived actively. Some of the best ways to ensure quality of life is to eat healthy, get sufficient sleep and of course, have a fitness regimen incorporated into your routine. It is on the last of those points that RDX Sports can really help you to accomplish your goals.

Below is a highlight of the entire RDX Fitness Gear product line to showcase that we can be your one stop shop for all your fitness gear needs.

RDX Gym Gloves:

The RDX fitness gear line-up has some of the best gym gloves available in the market. The best gym gloves by RDX offers a snug fit giving you the best results in getting a good grasp and feel for the weights while not being too tight to hamper the blood circulation. To further facilitate a firm grip for weightlifting, various RDX gym gloves include exclusive screen printing and neoprene inlays which are a great option that can wick away sweat to keep the hands dry, so that it does not interfere with your lifting. The gym gloves are designed in a finger less architecture to further improve the grip. During weightlifting, fingertips are great in enhancing grip as the sense of touch helps in improving grasp and coordination. Finally, the built material of the gloves is a combination of leather, neoprene and other quality material. Such gym gloves are a great option in further improving hand grip and durability. They are also highly effective in reducing blisters resulting from friction.

RDX Lifting Gear:

We can all use a bit of assistance in our fitness workouts. That assistance can come in the form of weightlifting straps, abs straps, triceps grips, and arm blasters. Lifters often have to worry about weights sliding out or them losing grip often due a lack of grip, strength, sweating, having smaller hands, or just plain old grip fatigue as you go near the end of a set or workout session. RDX lifting gear help in eliminating these impediments and are made with some of the best materials available.

Neoprene Support:

Maybe your idea of an intense fitness workout is just going ballistic on a heavy bag as it is one of the toughest workouts out there. Imagine having to punch and kick a heavy bag that weighs around 50 kg while you have the right posture and stance and employ your full intensity for a full three minutes round. The only drawback is that a workout like this could really not just do a number on your body fat, but also your hands, wrists, feet, knees, and shins. RDX Fitness gear includes a complete line-up of neoprene support gear. This RDX fitness gear is made with exclusive T3 stitching for enhanced durability and utilizes cutting-edge silicone material for effective heat compression that can also better manage pain control for physical therapy purposes.

Weightlifting Belts:

There are all sorts of weightlifting belts in RDX Fitness Gear line-up. Using a weightlifting belt is not necessary for all weight lifters. However, once you progressed to a level of strength where you will constantly be pushing yourself, using a weightlifting belt is recommended. Even then, the needs are different for different folks when it comes to weightlifting belt. Some prefer the freedom of movement that a Nylon belt offers while others prefer the security of a tight mid-section support that a leather belt offers. Whether it is Lycra, neoprene, or a 6″ thick padded genuine cowhide leather belt, RDX has all that you need.

RDX Fitness Accessories:

If you want to perform a standalone exercise to enhance your cardio workout and shed some fats, then using RDX’s 10 feet long jump rope with adjustable weight handles can be a best choice for you. Made with original cowhide leather the rope can do six turns per second. Similarly, you can start working out by building your major muscle groups by incorporating the precision of targeting certain areas of your body with RDX medicine ball.

Weighted Items:

There are several weighted items offered by RDX that can aid in your fitness and weight loss. Whether it is a quality weighted vest or any other weighted product, RDX uses some of the best material such as original cowhide leather with textured grip which offers the best body resistance. All the RDX weighted products are ergonomically designed to spread the impact of the weight equally without burdening one specific part of the body.


You are obviously going to need comfortable attire to perform your workout in. The RDX clothing line is exclusively designed to fit your style and withstand the wear and tear of multiple changes, washes, and also the rigours of various intense workouts. It is made from the best material after a lot of research. The fitness clothing has the functionality to dispel sweat and moisture so as not to bog you down with your clothing becoming heavier and heavier as a workout progresses.

Staying fit has never been easier. The RDX Fitness Gear range has everything you need to stay in the best shape. Whether you want to hit the free weights, do calisthenics, or general weightlifting sets, RDX has all the appropriate gear to fulfill the needs of your fitness workouts and enhance your workout performance.