Tone your abs with the Punching Bag

Every boxing poster has a boxer with a set of ripped abs,biceps and triceps. There’s nothing unrealistic about the image as boxing being a very physically demanding sport requires fighters to inculcate intense cardiovascular training and strict attention to diet. This results in massive amount of fat and calorie burn that helps in losing weight and maintaining the human body in top shape.

Punching bag workout is a great way to simulate a very important part of a boxer’s routine and it engages your abdominal muscles and can help shed fat on your belly and build a flat stomach with defined muscles.

The Bag

If your primary objective of working out with the bag is to build a flat stomach with ripped out abs then it’s best to avoid the speed bag. Speed bags are ideal for developing your punching technique and rhythm without physically exhausting you too much.

To work your abs you need a heavy punching bag that weighs around 70-90 pounds. Don’t get a lighter bag as it will swing too much and won’t let you get in the right form for a long workout.

Technique is everything

The idea is not to land one punch at a time or 10 punches combo at once. Instead, try and work a combination of 3-4 punches while maintaining your stance. Always stand on an angle while presenting your left shoulder to the bag if you’re a righty and stand with your left foot at the front while your right punching feet slightly at the back. Dig your left foot firmly on the ground while remaining on your toes with the right foot. Push your punches from your waist and initiate the motion with the force of your full body. This technique will directly work your abdomen and tone the muscles in that area.


Burning calories is an important part of building a flat stomach and attractive abs by losing the layer of fat on your belly. And cardiovascular exercises are an essential part of workout as they not only burn calories but also build your endurance and stamina. So it’s important not to just fiddle around with the bag but also integrate cardio routines in your workout.