Want to Maximize Your Workout? Start Using Punch Bag Now

Famous MMA and UFC star Ronda Rousey once said: “You can’t master something you don’t love.”

To master a punch bag workout, you have to fall in love with it first. It’s not just a 100 pound bag that you can use to improve your punching skills or to kill off your frustration. It’s also a therapist, psychiatrist, and stress reliever, all rolled up into a bag of leather and canvas.

Even if you are not a workout fanatic, you need a heavy bag to get the best out of your time spend in the gym. If you use it right, it can turn out to be super effective training gear that will help you with your cardio, movement, power, focus, speed and technique.

What are the Benefits of using a Heavy Bag?

  • When you are working out with bags, expect following advantages.
  • Your technique will get better with time and practice
  • You will develop more power and strength in your arms
  • You will develop stamina
  • You overall fitness gets better
  • You will develop self-confidence
  • It will help you eliminate stress and improve the shape of your body

Picking the Right Weight and Length?

Before you start training, you should know the recommended weight of a heavy bag is approximately half your weight. So if you weight above 180-200lb then you should buy a 100lb bag. If you are over 6 feet tall, you should go with a 5ft bag instead of a 4ft bag.

What Is the Right Price?

The price of a heavy bag depends on various factors such as quality and brand. Also, a filled bag is more expensive than unfilled one, because the shipping cost will be added. Some bags also come with bag accessories like bag gloves, wall bracket, and chains, etc. Make sure the quality of a bag is high so it can last for few years.

What should I use to fill the Bag?

Mostly, people use rags and old clothes to fill their heavy bags, but if you want heavier bags then use sand. But make sure it is not hung outside or a place where the humidity is present, otherwise the moisture will make the sand like rock and punching it would become a problem unless you like hitting rocks and walls.

What mistakes to avoid for a heavy bag workout?

  • Don’t repeat the same workout over a period of time. It is common for athletes to perform almost the same workout every day. You need to keep changing your striking combos in order to improve.
  • Some fighters don’t use a gym bag enough to improve their striking abilities. Make sure when you are practicing use proper technique otherwise you will develop bad striking technique in the ring.
  • No going in with high intensity in training is one of the most common mistakes made by fighters. They tend to go hard initially, but soon their punching power diminishes. Instead, try to boost your intensity and finish off high.

If you are making any of these mistakes, it’s time to part ways with them right away. Watch some punch bag training videos on YouTube and see how you can improve. The quality of a bag is very important so make sure you are using the right one.