Weight Lifting Straps – Types and Uses

Are you a weight lifter? Or want to get trained for weight lifting? If your answer is yes, weight lifting straps might be helpful for you. These straps are a common sight in most gyms. Many gym goers – from beginners to professional bodybuilders – use straps at some stage of their training. When used correctly, they can be very helpful for improving your proficiency. Want to know what they exactly are and how they are made? Keep reading.

Weight lifting straps – What They Are?

Weight lifting straps are just two pieces of cloth, but are an essential, very useful and beneficial exercise gear for weight lifters. A strap is made by sewing one end of the cloth strip to it creating a loop. The other end is then passed through the loop creating another larger loop such that it can be attached around the wrist. Weight or exercise equipment is lifted by wrapping the free end of strap around it. Grip strength is a key factor for improving proficiency in weight lifting and use of weight lifting straps ensure strong grip and proficiency.

Types of weight lifting straps

 Weight lifting straps are available in different types. Have a look on some of their types.

  • Standard style weight lifting straps – aka cotton straps: The first type of weight lifting strap is the standard style that is usually 1 to 1-1/2 inch wide with loop sewn in one end. This type of straps is usually made of cotton. It does not have any padding.
  • Padded lifting straps: Another type of straps is padded lifting straps that are the same as cotton straps but have neoprene padding. This padding rests on the wrist while lifting weight to improve comfort. However, they are not wide enough, having only 1 inch of width.
  • Extra wide weight lifting wrist straps: Highest quality of straps usually have 1-1/2 to 2 inches width and are not padded. They protect hands like gloves and function like wrist wraps and lifting grip. These straps are well suited for bodybuilders, powerlifters and strongmen.

There are certain other types that are the combination of straps and strap-glove. However, serious weight lifters prefer lifting strap design on others.

Uses of weight lifting straps

Weight lifting straps are used in a number of weight lifting exercises. Some common exercises that are done using straps include dumbbell rows, shrugs and power shrugs, chin-ups, weighted pull-ups and barbell rows.

In short, weight lifting straps can be very useful gear for you if you choose right type and use them correctly.