What Are 3 Types Of Boxing Mouth Guards?

If you are into combat sports, for your own protection it is extremely important to wear high quality mouth guard that fits your mouth perfectly.

When you talk about protective gear in boxing, there is nothing more important than a mouth guard. During a boxing match, the target is often the head and face, and it will be unthinkable for a fighter to go into a competitive match without this piece of equipment. You can prevent injuries such as chipping of the teeth, lip contusions, and mouth contusions by wearing a teeth protector.

Injuries to the mouth can also result in damaging your pretty looks, and what about the rising cost of dental repairs. An average dentist can cost you a large amount of money. A teeth implant these days can cost up to $40,000, so it seems much wiser to invest $10-$15 on this piece of protective equipment. Rest assured this will be the best investment you will ever make for yourself.

Mouth guards are divided into three major categories.

  • Stock Guards

These types of guard are easily available from any sporting goods store nearby. They are called stock because they come in standard sizes. All you need to do is buy and place the mouthpiece in your mouth and you are ready to face an opponent. Their disadvantage, they won’t fit you accurately due to the fact, not every mouth is about the same size, and therefore it won’t be comfortable and will lack necessary protection. These to these reasons, these mouth guards are being replaced by boil and bite guards.

  • Boil & Bite Guards

These guards are much better than stock guards as they fit much better than stock guards and therefore offer a much better level of protection. The way to use them is, simply boil them for 30-60 seconds, place them in the cold water for a few seconds and then place them into your mouth and bite them to fit perfectly. The price ranges from $10-$15, which is not that much considering the level of protection it offers. You can order them online from any popular brand that makes a quality mouthpiece.

  • Custom Guards

These guards are specially made for your mouth by your local dentist. They are much more expensive, but they also more durable and fits better to your mouth. A typical custom guard will cost you in the region of $260-$400.


It is highly recommended to wear a quality mouth protection while sparring and competitions. This is something that can save you from serious injuries.