What Are Weight Lifting Straps And How To Use them?

Weight lifting strap for better grip and wrist support

If you are a bodybuilder, weight lifting straps are a very useful tool for you that can help you get more reps out of you. It is also inexpensive, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money. However, before you order on online, you should know some key aspects of these straps it will help you in finding the best strap for your needs.

What is a Lifting Strap?

Lifting strap is a small length of cotton webbing with loop at one end to tie it around the wrist. Mostly they are made in just cotton, but you will also find some variety of leather straps as well.

If you have a weaker forearm it will take away all the strain from muscles. Even though straps come in wide range of lengths, but a typical strap is around 1½ inches wide and 24 inches long.

Whatever the length, there is not much difference in the price. So it is better advised to get the straps with extended length, as it will give you more protection. Some wraps include padding that is also used to protect and cushion the back of your wrist.

Which Exercises You Can Use Straps For?

Lifting straps are normally used for heavy lifting to take away all the stress your arms may encounter. If you not into heavier stuff, then forget about using straps as it will be of no use to you.

Besides lifting weights, straps can also be used for upper body exercises such as pull ups, rack pulls, dead lifts, heavy pull down, single arm rowing and most heavy rowing.

How to Use Lifting Straps?

  • In the first step, thread the flat end through the loop on top of the straps. Then slip your hand through the loop, so that the long end is in line with your thumb and the loop is flat around the wrist without twisting the fabric. At the point the position of the wrap should be pointing upwards between your forefinger and thumb.
  • In the next step, wrap the strap around the lifting object such as a bar or handle. Do it while holding the object. After you have wrapped it once, twist your wrist and continue wrapping few more times around the object.
  • Remember, when you are wrapping the strap, avoid bunching, as it will be painful during the workout.
  • To check whether you have done it correctly, see if the strap is wrapped a few times with getting bunched up. When it is like that you are done and all set to start your training. However, if you feel it’s not perfect and needs little adjustment, all you need to do is twist your wrist slightly and it will be perfect.

All these steps are quite easy and there shouldn’t be any kind of problem, but you will need a bit of practice before you get it right the first time. With gym wraps on, you won’t be having any trouble again regarding weak grip or wrist injuries. RDX Sports are manufacturers of high quality weight lifting straps for amateur and professional athletes.