5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying MMA Shorts

Popularity of MMA is growing, with more and more people tending to this sport for fitness and self defense purposes. Grappling and striking techniques from different combat sports are included in MMA. MMA needs apparel which is specifically designed for this purpose. There is a wide variety of clothing available in the market for Mixed Martial Arts. Manufacturers are using latest technology and material to design MMA clothing. MMA shorts are essential part of Mixed Martial Arts apparel. These shorts provide comfort and unrestricted movement during training and fighting. Choosing a right pair of shorts is confusing. You need to know few features before making a buying decision.

Stretch Panels:

MMA shorts are distinct in design to the regular gym shorts as MMA involves quick movement of limbs in all directions. You need MMA apparel which is flexible and does not tear/rip during training. Manufacturers make stretch panels inside the crotch area for this purpose. These panels are made with spandex. Shorts with stretch panels are more comfortable to use than without these panels because when pressure is applied the panel expands. Stretch panels prevent ripping and tearing of shorts.

Material of Shorts:

MMA shorts are manufactured from spandex/polyester composite material. It’s essential for making shorts flexible and lightweight. This material has sweat wicking and antimicrobial properties. Antimicrobial feature prevents growth of bacteria and stink. The composite material is breathable and comfortable. Some brands use a different kind of material which is also blood repellent.

Split Seams:

Split seams are an important feature that allows free movement during grappling and high leg kicks. They minimize stretching and risk of tearing. Different brands use different sizes of split seams. Split seams make shorts flexible for MMA workouts.

Rubberised Waistband:

Rubberised waistband reduces risk of shifts and slips and provide extra grip. These waistbands are closed with velcro closure and drawstring fastening that allows snug fit and no slip assurance.

Dual Velcro Fastening:

Dual velcro fastening is used to keep shorts in place and reduce unwanted movement. Shorts have Velcro fastening strip on the front and a horizontal on the waistband. This makes your shorts more secure. It also hides your drawstring so it cannot be pulled.

You will find lots of online stores specifically for MMA apparel and you can also buy from your local store. However, your new pair of shorts should have above mentioned features.