Best 3 Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bag Training That You Must Try

Most important thing you need to look for in a good heavy bag glove is PROTECTION. Nobody wants to injure their hands while punching on a hard surface of a heavy bag. Keeping this in mind RDX make their gloves with extra layer of protection and comfort. While it is awesome to feel safe, you also want to improve your agility, strength, and endurance, which RDX gloves are known to provide.

Boxing is a kind of sport you can use to let out your aggression in a positive manner. It is also a dangerous sport where you are at high risk of getting yourself or your opponent injured. But there are other ways by which you can keep yourself safe and away from danger, one of them involves the use of heavy bag. For heavy bags you need specialized boxing gloves with added protection in terms of padding. They also weigh slightly more than the grappling gloves and fight gloves because of the padding.

RDX is among the first name that comes to the mind when you go out shopping for a heavy bag glove. In this post top three gloves will be reviewed to give you various options for buying, as well as highlighting their various features and benefits.

Let’s review top 3 bag gloves in our list:

  1. RDX Punching Bag Gloves

These gloves are built with quality materials to last for a very long time. Specially made for heavy bag training, they are able to withstand hardcore punches while offering the best protection for hands. These gloves include Max-Shock form technology that gives them the ability to withstand the rigors of non-stop practice with a punch bag. These gloves can be used in sparring as well.

  1. RDX Ladies Gel Punching Mitts

These bag gloves are made with leather-X technology and offers the best gel padding that you won’t find in any other glove. While wearing these gloves your hands will stay cool and moisture free. These gloves are not machine made like others gloves but are completely hand stitched for best performance and durability.

  1. RDX Cow Hide Leather Punch Bag Gloves

These gloves are made from cow hide leather to offer durability and stress free practice. As soon as you place your hand inside you feel thick layer of gel wrapped around your hand to give the sense of protection you crave for. The gloves manufacturer has given special attention toward the fingers and knuckles as they are the most vulnerable part of the hand. Extra think layer of padding is used their protection.

All of these gloves are available in complete range of sizes and colors to meet the demands of a user. You can order them from their online outlet.