Boxing Gloves are an Investment

Boxing gloves are unlike your daily purchase items. They are an investment. If you’re thinking that you need some soft padding to keep your knuckles from scraping or bruising a bit, then you’re in for a surprise. The hand is a VERY easy body part to break, and when it comes to boxing; your hands are quite literally your bread and butter.

Imagine buying a pair of running shoes.

You need just the right ones depending on comfort. You check the sole, stitching, quality, size etc., you don’t just buy the cheapest or most ‘coolest’ looking ones. You buy the pair that best serves your purpose, running while keeping your feet from damage, wear and tear and the heavy stomping impact from when you run. You look for utility and the best value for price – because the shoes were made for that particular reason. Like the hand, the foot is also a very easy part to damage. Both hands and feet consist of thin and tiny bones that conjoin through a serious of tendons and muscles – these are the smallest bones in your body and they’re quite fragile.

Now apply that same logic to your hands.

When you buy a pair of gloves, they have to be perfect. You’ll use them for the sole purpose of punching things. This involves contact with another object. These objects tend to be ‘hard’ that would otherwise hurt your hand without some cushioning.

 When you choose your pair of gloves – you’re basically buying armour for your weapons. Think of them as an extension to your fists. Better yet, imagine placing your hands inside the coziest, most snug and comfortable – TANKS. Yep that’s right. TANKS! Your hands should feel armour plated from the external (target), while the internal (hands) are safe and secure.

Get a load on these babies.

RDX QUAD-KORE training gloves! Gloves designed to provide maximum firepower while providing the utmost security in comfort, and style. Hand-stitched and made from durable authentic cowhide leather. QUAD-KORE fit with layer upon layer of Max-Shock cushion, providing total shock absorption upon impact. Aegis Protect-X Tech shields the wrist from alignment damage, keeping them comfortably in line with your fists as you throw them with complete reckless abandonment! Why reckless abandonment? Because you need not worry about breaking them. Practice and improve your technique without needing to ‘slow down’. They’re safe, and ready to fire.

You want tanks that are sturdy, balanced and comfortable on the inside. Keep your hand snugly fit as the gloves hold the integrity of the knuckles well in place, keeping them from collapsing on one another or permanently bruising your wrists.