Everything you Need to Know About Weightlifting Straps

Weight lifting straps is somewhat unending argument among trainers and athletes as there are many who are totally against using them. Two most common negative arguments about gym gloves are, never use them as they aren’t good for improving grip strength, others say that only use straps when you absolutely need them.

In this post you will learn everything you need to know about weightlifting straps, what kind of straps to use and what for which exercises.

Weight Lifting Straps:

Those people who are new to weight lifting, usually have no idea what purpose these straps serve. In short, straps are tools that can help lifters carry heavy weights during gym training, but there is more to that simple description.

How to Use?

For a newcomer, this is not so simple and it can take some time before you get used to these kind of straps. First loop one end of strap around your wrist and then wrap the remaining part of the strap around the weight (like dumbbell or barbell). This provides added support in terms of grip and prevents weight from slipping or sliding from hand. For better understanding it is recommended to watch some YouTube tutorials on this topic. Once you learn to use it with one object such as dumbbell, then same technique will apply with other equipment and exercises.

When to Use?

Sometimes the best approach is the common sense approach. Meaning, if you don’t have any problem griping certain exercises, then don’t use straps. However, if you do have slippery hands or face problem in gripping large objects then in that case straps can achieve better results for you. Also in those exercises where you believe a strap can boost your performance and grip, use it without any fear. In other situation you can easily deal without them.


The length and width of straps vary depending upon the size of hand and weights used during exercises. Normally, straps come in 1 to 1.5 inch in width, and 12 to 18 inches in length. Choose a straps that meets your requirement.


Weight lifting straps – leather, nylon, or canvas. Straps made from leather are the best ones and most expensive due to high durability and performance. However, there is a negative side to them as they are hard to wash as compared to the nylon and canvas straps.

Final Advice for Straps Users:

Beginners: For newcomers it is highly recommended to use straps after 3 months, make sure you have developed a good grip strength.

Intermediate weight lifters: When you have enough experience in weightlifting, start using straps in warm-up exercises like deadlifts and pulls.

Advanced Users: If you are an advanced user and often compete in weight lifting competitions, then it is recommended not to use them before 1 to 2 weeks out from competition.