RDX Sports’ Floral Boxing Gloves & Pads Series – An Ode To Headstrong Women

Who said combat sports was only a man’s domain? Today’s woman is not only headstrong but fully equipped to blast any problem in the face without damaging the hands using RDX Sports’ Floral Boxing Gloves and Pads Series. Designed for female hand specifics; they can now face adversity and throw down with the best of them, knowing those tender yet strong hands are fully protected. Be it a fun-filled sparring session or rounds on the heavy bag, Floral Boxing gloves help women translate their inner strength into a fiery force that is impossible to subdue.

FL3 Floral Boxing Gloves

With a unique multi-colored floral print on a black Suede base, these Floral training gloves are any woman’s sweetest revenge. Don’t let the aesthetics distract you; these gloves are made for female power punchers looking to inflict damage that’ll leave more than just a flowery print on her opponent. Handmade to promptly fit female hand anatomy, the product is double-stitched with split-proof seams, making it an indispensable companion for a long time. A specialized cut makes the Floral sparring gloves fit just right into those narrower yet explosive knuckles.

  • Material: Made up of a washable material that doesn’t tear easily and possesses Antibacterial properties that combat odour causing material
  • Design: Unique aesthetic that puts a whole new spin on flower power.
  • Fabric: Dazzle Fabric Inner soothes the skin during those sweaty, gut-wrenching training sessions
  • Padding: EVA-LUTION foam padding is calibrated to female hand anatomy providing impact absorption against heavy blows. Suede palm with nylon piping for an enjoyable wear ensures long-lasting durable form.
  • Wrist Strap: Hook-and-loop closure with extra wide wrist support to make it extremely convenient to wear and take off.

 FL3 Floral Focus Pads

Combine femininity and strength and you get our brand new Floral focus pads. Perfect to add colour to your Boxing or MMA sessions, the mitts are made of a plush suede casing with synthetic fiber detailing the double-stitched interior. All this translates to an aesthetically pleasing, impact absorbing pair of Floral pads that are built to withstand the impact of detrimental blows.

  • Material: Made up of patented, long-lasting synthetic fiber called Floral Skin and plush suede casing.
  • Design: Double-stitching on the interior for continued use without any wear and tear. Hand compartment is designed using the Flora skin while the inner enables ample traction to keep the focus pads in place while coaching.
  • Padding: Thick EVA-LUTION foam padding provides ample protection to the hand and maximum shock absorption against the heaviest puncher
  • Purpose: Best suited for combo drills and speed training.

FL4 Floral Boxing Gloves

Sometimes, it’s all black and white. Sturdy, functional and classy, these floral monochrome boxing gloves from RDX Sports speak volumes about femininity, strength and an intense drive to be the greatest versions of themselves in the ring or out.

  • Material: Made with washable, durable synthetic fiber called Floral skin that is long lasting and stands up to wear and tear
  • Design: A unique cut and stitching is based off female hand anatomy, bone structure and density for the most efficient protection against shock impact.
  • Fabric: The interior is made up of Dazzle fabric for a pleasant and soothing touch, equipped with SSP Ventilation System for easy flow of air.
  • Padding: EVA-LUTION foam padding to provide ample cushioning to the hands. Suede-sheathed palm along with nylon piping ensures complete protection to the hands
  • Wrist: Hook-and-loop closure with wide cuffs promises wrist support against shock-impact

FL4 Floral Focus Pads

Looking to keep your sense of style active during a challenging training session? Consider going monochrome with Floral Focus Pads from RDX Sports. A perfect partner for those determined hands, the mitts are constructed using a plush suede casing to keep the hands and knuckles safe at all times while producing maximum results.

  • Material: Manufactured using soft suede casing along with synthetic fiber detailing known as Flora Skin.
  • Design: Dual-stitched internally to prevent any wear-and-tear from occurring. Open-finger design/hand compartment makes it suitable to fit on all types of hands, providing them with a sturdy grip too.
  • Padding: EVA-LUTION padding keeps the hand well-protected against deadliest blows – chewing up impact, and spitting out results
  • Purpose: Ideal for combo drills and speed training.