Grab RDX’s New Gym Gloves for Your Perfect Workout

Are you looking for gym gloves that will spark the life in your training?

RDX’s latest exclusively designed Metallic Paper leather lifting gloves will supercharge your training sessions. Contemporary, futuristic design is eye-catching and when it comes to performance you won’t find a pair of weightlifting gloves that evenly remotely compare to these. RDX Fitness Weight Lifting Gym Gloves.

Key features include:

  1. Exclusive Metallic Paper Leather

Shiny, metallic and futuristic. Offers durability and long-life unlike any other glove.

  1. 4-Way Stretch Amara Fabric

Promotes blood circulation and breathability while conforming to hand movements.

  1. Spongy Blacktop Fabric inside Thumb

Provides cushioning against pressure for pain relief.

  1. Digitally Processed Nubuck Palm

Enhances lifting capability by ensuring a solid no-slip grip-hold on weights.

  1. Exclusively Quick-EZ Design

Improves lifting technique and convenient on/off application.

Made for both men & women, this unique glove has just the right amount of padding to protect your hands against painful blisters and calluses. Ideal for all kinds of weight lifting workouts such as Powerlifting, CrossFit training, and other heavy fitness workouts. Made with maximum dexterity for accurate feel and control, you will find these gloves ideal for gripping and supporting heavy objects. The leather is highly flexible and strong that will offer sufficient protection against injuries while providing a long-life to the product.

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