RDX Sports Celebrates The Dauntless Black With Its Noir Series

Combine all colors and you get black. Put together the unparalleled features of RDX Sports finest products, you get the classy, dauntless Noir Series.

Just like black color is composed of all other colors, Noir Series from RDX Sports is an amalgamation of intrinsic idiosyncrasy of the brand’s top products. The range is a celebration of diversity yet the unification of combat sports’ aficionados around the globe, sharing a common goal of fitness despite the variations in their colour, creed and race. These mettlesome products speak the untold story of dexterity, determination and drive that every product of the line impassions. Meant to stand the test of time with its abiding texture and look, Noir Series from RDX Sports is the modernist tool to outperform on the canvas.  

BGR F15MB Boxing Glove

Exclusively meant for an unabashed training session, these chic gloves are designed to meet your needs to dominate. Aesthetically pleasing and very comfortable to wear, the manufacturing of these gloves makes them a training partner you can rely on. Timeless and elegant, the destructive tools are sweat wicking and comfortable offering you unrivalled protection against impact.

  • Material: Our latest line of engineered leather is built to combat wear and tear. ConVEX Skin is a non-toxic, career-lasting PU leather that is compatible with all skin types and acclimates to weather conditions efficiently. They are ideal for  training on heavy bags and focus pads. A vegan leather product with ample tensile strength, makes these gloves the best choice for all athletes in all weathers.
  • Padding: Our unique Quadrodome mold makes these gloves sturdy and resilient against bone cracking impact. Slabs of EVA sandwiched around this shock-absorbent mold offers layers of shock-nullifying padding structured to breakdown impact efficiently. Excellent knuckle protection with its curved dome design that efficiently aligns around the knuckles. These gloves are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely reliable.
  • Palm: XFOAM inside the palm area cushions stray shots that may land on the palm, reducing your chances of injury. Nylon Mesh palm ventilates heat while the anti-microbial inner reduces odor causing bacteria from thriving.
  • Thumb: An attached thumb with strategically placed perforations provides heat escape for added comfort and ensures your thumb is always in a safe position.
  • Wrist Strap: Comes with a standard Quick EZ hook and loop wrist strap that aligns the wrists between the wrist and elbow for efficient transfer of force and reduced chances of wrist-injury.

 GGR F 15 MB MMA Glove

Put together using premium Vegan leather so that it suits your grappling needs. Synthetic ConVEX skin makes the gloves durable and functional, making it an ideal MMA training partner. Whether you are looking for some light sparring or high-octane training session, these gloves can conveniently fit on any type of hand and skin, providing it just the right protection and defense. The goal is to ensure countless training sessions without incurring damage to the hands.

  • Material: Constructed using a high-quality vegan leather with sufficient tensile strength for a power-packed MMA training session. Functional ConVEX Skin keeps it functional through your thick and thin. Suitable for all skin types, they execute the most flawless jabs best on heavy bags and focus pads.
  • Padding: Structured with PC-3 padding for shock absorptions from the most deadly blows, while cushioning your hands.
  • Palm & Thumb: Cut palm design. A guaranteed enhanced grip with a ventilated thumb.
  • Wrist: Quick EZ hook and loop for a speedy, convenient fit. Double straps keep the glove snugly fit despite vicious striking.

HGR T15MB Head Guard

No fight can be won if your head is not in the right place. And this is why RDX Sports Head Guard from Noir Series makes it an essential item when you are headed out to battle.

  • Material: Made up of Convex Skin. Designed with high quality EVA Foam that aptly safeguards your cheeks.
  • Padding: Jumbolon padding on the ears, protecting them against nasty hooks.
  • Wear: Triple quick EZ tri hook and loop along with a detachable padding that fits at the back of the head. It helps keep your head from budging in all its form, without obstructing the vision. A quick EZ chin loop, making it very convenient to put on and take off.
  • Inner Material: Made up of high quality velvet that makes it very comfortable from the inside while absorbing away any sweat or impact.
  • CE Approved: Conformité Européenne approved making it a trustworthy companion for your perilous journey on the canvas.

FPR T15 MB Focus Pad

Introducing for the first time, a more defined curve for the ease of coaching. Durable, functional and stylish, these perennial focus pads are what you need for on-going coaching session.

  • Material: Vegan leather, making it comfortable to use for everyone. Synthetic, ConVEX skin that has unmatched quality.
  • Padding: A thick layer of shock-absorbent EVA-LUTION foam makes it resilient against deadly blows.
  • Design: Comes with an EZ Grip Ball that is strategically placed right above your palm, allow you a maximum grip. Hand compartment is perforated allowing ventilation of air. The strap is Quick EZ hook and loop making it easy to wear and take off. The pad comes with nylon stitching make it durable yet comfortable to wear.