RDX F-Series Gym Gloves Review

The RDX brings the F-Series gym gloves review for fierce weightlifters and gym enthusiasts. The F-Series is manufactured with a nylon mesh fabric that promotes breathability of the gloves. With grip enhancing rubber placed at the palm, you will have nothing to worry about when lifting.

The F-Series gym gloves are available in a variety of designs.

F Series Gym Gloves

Gym Gloves Review – Materials

Nylon or Lycra fabric is designed to compress the palm and hands to improve blood flow.

The fabric is also responsible for absorbing the moisture and keeping your hands dry during the workout.

The fabric also ensures breathability. Cool air can easily find its way inside the glove, while the moisture is wicked away.

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Lycra is also very easy to clean. You can simply throw the F-Series gloves in with your next washing load and wash out all the remnants of your last gym session.

The mesh material is also highly durable. We have developed the right type of Lycra material that can last for years.

The palm and fingers of the glove are lined 5mm foam, which is lined with a special rubberized grip. The material will help lifters and gym goers are confident every time they lift heavy weights.

Gym Gloves Review – Performance

The heat wicking ability of the fabric, the flexible fabric, Lycra webbing, and the rubberized grip provide the best fit for the wearers and superior performance inside the gym.

Some people believe that callouses that form on their hands are good. It shows they are working hard.

Which is absolutely wrong.

Callouses are actually performing the same function as a gym glove. They are your body’s natural response to the weight and friction and are there to protect your hands.

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They do that very poorly and there is always the risk that they might start bleeding.

No longer will you have to deal with pesky callouses. You can avoid all that thanks to the F-Series gym gloves.

The layers of material on the palm will protect your palm’s skin effectively.

The heat expulsion technology of the fabric gives wearers the comfort they need when they are exercising at the gym.

These gym gloves will improve your confidence while lifting and provide you with all the necessary protection, so you can leave your limits behind.

Gym Gloves Review – Value

Every gym enthusiasts and weightlifter needs gym gloves. They all accept that fact sooner or later.

When they go out searching for gym glove, they look at the two factors mentioned above; materials and performance.

In addition to that, the last and most important factor that they look at is value.

The F-Series gym gloves are reasonably priced at $11.99.

The number of designs and colors available can match any and all types of personalities and individuals.

You will be getting a quality gym glove at the most affordable price imaginable.

Protect your palms and pour confidence your workouts with the help of RDX F-Series gym gloves.

Browse through the collection and see which glove suits your needs.

F Series Gym Gloves