RDX Sports Launches Harrier- The World’s First Ever Tattooed Boxing Glove!

RDX Sports proudly unveiled the Harrier Series on November 1st 2019. This year RDX Sports seems to be on a creative roll, since Harrier is the third major series to be rolled out.
Apart from being as technically robust as the previous two (Icon 5 & Aura) what truly sets Harrier apart is it being a truly one-of-a-kind boxing series. Harrier is the world’s first ever tattooed boxing glove, focus pad & bag set.
Boasting of the same technical NovaTech (wrinkle free panel) superiority on the inside, the exterior is what sets it apart from every other glove in the market, even its own brand predecessors. Remember, NovaTech, was launched by RDX Sports late last year. It was the first of its kind, wrinkle free boxing glove which in spite of being available only to a select few for testing, created quite a buzz. Now just days after its launch, the boxing and MMA community is already raving about the formidable look and performance of Harrier.
Commenting on this momentous occasion, Sam Smith, Head of International Business Development for RDX Sports,said:
“For years our customers from Eastern Europe especially Russia had been pushing us to come up with a glove that holds true to the combat sport traditions of that region. Harrier is our answer to those requests, it is our commemorative series celebrating the ancient art of combat and the infallible warrior spirit of the Balkans and Nordics.”
Sam further highlighted the technical superiority of Harrier by adding,
“the launch of NovaTech technology last year has been a game changer for us, not only has it earned us coveted spots among the Top Ten’s in the industry by numerous highly respected publications, but has also widened the scope of our vision for all future product lines to come. As far as we are concerned, NovaTech is undoubtedly the future of boxing gloves.”
Made with the highest quality micro-fiber material- Super Skin, is the latest line of vegan, laminated combat leather that promises a whole new level of durability and comfort. If first impressions have anything to predict, it seems like Harrier will rule the market as heroically as Icon5 and Aura-maybe even more.