RDX MMA Gear, A Reliable Range Of Products

RDX Sports, one of the leading sports brand, is proud to present its enhanced range of MMA gearmeant to fulfill the demands of the MMA athletes around the world. From MMA gloves to shorts and from mouth guard to shin pads, RDX has all that an MMA athlete needs.

MMA gear, unlike the rest of the sports gear, needs very high resilience to withstand the intense grappling and rough handling involved. To ensure the high resilience, MMA gear is made with durable material through advanced technologies in our unique and state-of-the-art manufacturing units. Using quality material coupled with advanced technologies like T3 stitching and Quick-Ez Velcro system high resilience is ensured.

MMA Gloves:

RDX MMA Gloves carefully designed using the material that are known for the durability and are highly reliable. The gloves have a high resilience to stand against the intense MMA usage. Available in different sizes and shapes, the gloves are made to keep the hands safe from cuts and injuries. RDX grappling gloves comes in different types of padding including light padding; heavy padding and extra-thick padding. Similarly, some of the grappling gloves come with extra-long wrist strap and provide improved wrist support.

MMA Clothing:

Along with MMA gloves, RDX has a wide range of quality MMA clothing’s. The RDX clothing range contain MMA shorts, tops, T-Shirts, Rash guards and other clothing products like hoodies, sauna suites and trousers. The MMA clothes by RDX are made highly resilient using DurEos cloth and Ezi-Flex technology. The clothes ensure the much needed flexibility, mobility and enhanced utility required during Mixed Martial Art fights.

Protective Gear:

Looking at the violent and gruesome nature of Mixed Martial Arts fights, RDX has come up with a smart range of protective gear including chest guard, groin guard, mouth guard and head guards. RDX also covers supporting protective gear including hand wraps, inners gloves and shin guards. The products are anatomically made with high-quality padding and improved safety features to secure the MMA fighters.

Training Pads:

RDX not only design gear for professional MMA fights but also covers the MMA training equipment. RDX has a range of hook and jab pads coupled with Kick shields and Thai pads. All these products help in efficiently improving the performance of the fighters during training sessions. With thick and dense padding coupled with improved grip, the training pads help the fighters achieve a great MMA skillset.

Punch Bags:

RDX has a vast range of punch bags that helps the fighters in training efficiently. The punch bags are available in different shapes and sizes. Along with the conventional punch bags RDX also has the body shaped, maize shape and angled punch bag. The bags are made using extremely reliable and durable material that can be used for very high intensity training.

MMA Accessories:

Well that’s not all, RDX MMA gear also include MMA accessories to support the fighters in their training and professional regiments. MMA accessories include kit bags, skipping ropes, and speed and double end balls.