RDX Sports’ Popular Equipment Range for Women

With universal popularity and recognition of various combat sports, such as boxing, kickboxing, and namely MMA, they have easily crossed traditional gender lines. They have really paved the way for numerous options for women range of sports equipment.

The industry for women sports equipment has really been ignited, especially the boxing industry as well as MMA.

First it was with the 2009 decision by the International Olympic Committee’s Executive Board to include women’s boxing as an Olympic sport beginning with the 2012 London Olympics. It brought women boxing into the spotlight.

One name that single headedly brought the women’s MMA division to limelight, is Rhonda Rousey. Since her arrival, the demand for women’s gear and gloves has increased tenfold. Vendors are now eager to meet that demand.

Below is an outline of the RDX women range and why it is the best option available for any female athlete.

Women’s Gloves – We at RDX, Get It


Women generally have smaller and slimmer hands than men. As such, the hand enclosures of RDX women’s boxing gloves are smaller and are better able to protect women’s hands. Thereby also better at absorbing the impact of executing a punch thus allowing better for form and performance.

Gone are the days where women just were left with the sole option to pick the smallest male glove for a fight.

Today, not only do RDX’s line women’s gloves offer protection for specific bone density and structure for women’s hands but a also meets a large distinct difference for women’s boxing gloves compared to men’s; there are a great assortment of colours women can choose from.


As a fighter you are going to need some comfortable clothes to cater to your active lifestyle. Women’s clothing can be chock full of so many different vagaries, not just sportswear but women’s clothing in general.

As a result, RDX offers clothing designs to fit your style and can withstand the wear and tear of multiple changes, washes, and also the rigours of various intense sessions.

There is no shortage of MMA or boxing shorts, styles, sizes, colours, etc. You can get them in any way you’d like, in various sizes. You can have your assortment of tights or many other variations such as MMA gladiator shorts.

Whether, one is fighting in them or mostly training, RDX Women’s clothing is made from the best material which does not absorb and retain sweat, such as nylon or polyester.

Protective Gear:

RDX’s protective gear line up has everything you need to protect your body when training in various combat sports. There are so many different activities for which women can now train their bodies. It requires them to get all sorts of protective gear.

It can include chest guards, mouth guards, hand wraps, etc. A result of cutting edge research and development, the RDX protective gear is made with exclusive 5-needle stitch for enhanced durability.

Training Pads:

The best part of RDX line up is all the various pads women can use after procuring it from RDX. The whole idea with any sort of physical training, be it MMA, boxing, or Muay Thai, is that you get into the best physical shape of your life while learning a great skill. However, make sure that you are adequately using various training pads in order to effectively and consistently carry out your training.

RDX offers its Training Pads line-up. Whether you want Thai Pads, kick shields, or hook and jab pads, you get pads built with ‘IMT’ three layers of Gel integrated thick foam for heavy duty shock absorption to withstand the most gruelling hits.

Punch Bags:

Maybe your idea of an intense fitness workout is just going ballistic on a heavy bag. It is one of the toughest workouts out there. Imagine having to punch and kick a heavy bag that weighs around 50 kg while you have the right posture and stance and employ your full intensity for a full 3 minutes round. Nonstop! Now that’s a workout! Maybe you want to get into a punching rhythm to work on speed or accuracy. Either requirement can be fulfilled with a speed bag or even double end bag. Whatever it may be, RDX has the punch bag fix for you.


RDX’s line of accessories is great to do standalone exercises to really up your cardio game or to shred some fat. There is even RDX’s 10 feet long jump rope with adjustable height and weight handles that allow a spectacular 6 turns per second. We also have medicine balls if you are into building your major muscle groups by incorporating the precision of targeting certain areas of your body.