RDX Sports and UMMAF come together as partners

RDX Sports is thrilled to announce that it has come to an exclusive partnership with The United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UMMAF). RDX Sports is now a club distributor of gear and products for the UMMAF.
We have always been committed to manufacturing quality premium products that are available to athletes at affordable prices because we believe everyone deserves to have a pro-level experience. Team RDX is also committed to financially help fund the UMMAF National Team during IMMAF international competition.

We’ve always put athlete safety and experience first before anything.

UMMAF Vice President Ryan Brueggeman said, “This is a game-changer for the UMMAF organization as it provides UMMAF registered clubs with real benefits and quality equipment options at affordable prices. We are also very excited that our partnership with RDX opens up funding for the UMMAF National Team. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with RDX Sports and anticipate RDX gaining a larger footprint in the United States as a result of this agreement.”

Jamie Knight, Sales, And Marketing Manager, RDX Sports said” We are so happy with this new venture between us and UMMAF. We’ve always worked to cement our position as an affordable brand that churns out pro-level quality material, and this is a testimony to our hard work. Partnering with UMMAF is a big achievement. It gives us space to reach out to athletes who want more from their game but have less resources-here we got them covered. We have always strived to build not a company but a family dedicated to strengthening the combat sports fraternity. RDX Sports looks forward to working alongside UMMAF and provide the finest products we have to offer. Our discount initiative is to further our cause of affordability.”

About RDX Sports: RDX Sports is a British combat sports and fitness brand, Established in Bury, Manchester in 1999. We use every resource and ounce of energy to research and chalk out ways of improvement. Our attitude is to never settle or compromise, which keeps us always two steps ahead of our competitors. We resolve to constantly improve, an ethos any athlete or fitness fanatic can appreciate. We have a “fighter centric” model that believes in “Athlete Safety over Everything Else”. RDX expanded its UK base of operations. Today, we stand as a global sporting brand exporting from the UK to 57 countries around the world.