RDX’s Unique Tri-Slab Padding Technology in MMA Gloves

RDX Sports is a pioneer in state-of-the-art technologies when it comes to their boxing and MMA gloves. The popular brand has now come up with new and improved padding feature called “Tri-Slab Padding”. This technology is making waves in the MMA gloves industry these days.


Let’s find out what the hype is all about.

What is Tri-Slab™ Padding?

RDX introduced triple layered shock-dissipating cushioning that consisted of dense, shock-absorbent slabs of padding compressed one over the other. This resulted in a highly durable interior that offered just the right amount of ‘defense’ for the knuckles, which also serves as good offence, ‘for the knuckles’.

Today, this has been further improved with “Tri-Slab™ padding”, this feature effectively serves as a dissipating speed bump and slows down the vibrational force for each encountered slab. It is extremely beneficial for heavy punchers, as majority of the impact gets absorbed by the glove without spilling into the hand (or bone structure). Due to its light weight material, the gloves do not carry extra weight and doesn’t affect your punch speed or performance. In fact, due to effective shock resistance you feel even more confident while sparring or putting in the bag work.

  1. Spongy Blacktop Fabric

This is the 1st layer of protection that is closest to the hand, it consists of a thin black spongy layer that is designed to provide added comfort and flexibility to fighter’s hands without restricting fist formation. Blacktop laminated fabric adds durability and compliments spongy foam sheet.

  1. Supremo-Shock Equilibrium Sheet

This is the technologically advanced equilibrium sheet that absorbs the blunt of impact and distributes force equally across the grappling glove.

  1. Infused Shock Dispersion Sheet

This is the 3rd layer that comes after the Max-Shock equilibrium sheet. It is also the most effective and advanced line of defense against shock-impact that helps break down and disperse force equally across the glove.

  1. EVA-lution FOAM

Last but not the least, the advanced expanding foam technology “EVA-LUTION Foam” absorbs and distributes impact evenly across surface. It protects the inner-layers from wear and tear, while providing further support to the leather on top.

The Tri-Slab Padding” technology enables superior resistance to all temperatures and weather conditions, and its low density foam padding ensures that it handles years of punishment without causing any deformity in shape or quality of the product. With extremely light weight material, it hardly gains any added weight, making these MMA gloves excellent choice for sparring and training.