What Equipment Is Necessary To Start MMA Beginner Training?

Top 5 MMA Gear You Need to Start Training

If you plan on training for MMA, Muay-Thai, or any other combat sport, there are few things that will help you kick-start your training. Some of these fighting gear is a little expensive, but it’s totally worth the investment.

The equipment includes MMA gloves, punching bag, hand wraps, jump rope, MMA shorts, mouth guard, shin guards, and groin guard. There are many other items on my wish list as well, but in the beginning these will be enough for you and will get you started.

Other than jump rope, punching bag, and MMA shorts all the remaining items are related to the safety and protection of both fighter and training partner.

MMA Apparel

The worst thing when you go home from the gym is to find there are no clean shorts and t-shirts to wear for next day’s gym training. There is nothing more frustrating to find yourself rolling with something with sweaty and smelly clothes. Always remember to keep two extra pairs of clean MMA shorts and t-shirts in your gym bag.

MMA gloves

If you are into mixed martial arts, your hands are your bread and butter. Therefore, it is your number one priority to protect them. Even though you cannot always guarantee 100% safety, as MMA is one of the most dangerous sport in the world. Injuries in this sport are so common that sometimes you can do nothing to avoid them. However, you can use good quality leather MMA gloves to minimize the damage. Look out for only those gloves that also offer secure wrist protection. Before buying, always make sure the size of the gloves perfectly fits your hands.

Mouth Guard

When you are in training alone, you don’t really need a mouth guard but as soon as you start grappling training, mouth protection becomes compulsory.

Groin Protector

Like mouth guard, groin protectors are only required when you are sparring with your training partner. When you are out to buy a groin protector, there are few options available. So it is better to try different options until you find the one that is the most comfortable and one that stays in its place. Athletes love compression shorts because it offers a pocket for the cup, and they can wear them under the grappling shorts during training. When the cup is not required they can remove the cup and put it into the pocket.

Shin Protector

Shin is considered the toughest bone in the human body. However, in fighting sports such as MMA, it is also the most vulnerable bone due to the use of legs to defend and attack. Shin guard can protect your shin from minor scratches to serious fractures. Its importance is such that most trainers wouldn’t even allow leg kick practice without wearing such protectors.

All this equipment is necessary to start MMA training. If you don’t already own them, it’s time to splash some cash. Don’t buy the cheap stuff from discount stores, order only genuine products from renowned brands.