What To Look For While Buying MMA Gloves?

MMA Is Different From Boxing

If you are an aspiring MMA fighter, the most important thing after training and diet is your MMA gear, which not only boosts your performance but also protects you from serious injuries. So don’t worry about spending a little as long as you are buying high quality products. They will last much longer than average brands that usually come at a cheap price. When it comes to MMA equipment, MMA gloves are considered the most important gear so it is better to own more than one pair of gloves when you go the gym for training. Although you can also save money and use one pair of glove, however the requirement are different for sparring, training and competitions. So having a single pair for all will not be a wise choice.

MMA is completely different sport from boxing, therefore gloves that MMA athletes wear are also different. First of all they weigh a lot less and have fewer padding, the palms and fingers are left open so they can be used to grapple and hold an opponent. Best MMA gloves are the ones made from high quality genuine leather, which provide maximum protection for hands, wrists, fingers, and knuckles etc. These days you will find a wide variety of MMA gloves, each with their own pros and cons, so when you order them it is better to know them in advance.

In this article you will learn about different types of MMA gloves and when they should be used.

Important Factors in Picking Your MMA Gloves

  • Sparring

Average weight of MMA sparring gloves is around 7 ounces. As focus is more on striking and punching, most of the padding is around the top and front of the gloves.

  • Training

MMA training gloves are also known by other names such as bag gloves, grappling gloves and Hybrid gloves. These gloves consists of segmented fingers where padding is till the second knuckle. Such design allows finger to have free movement for grappling needs, while maintaining the required level of protection.

  • Competition

Competition gloves generally weigh a lot less than sparring gloves because they have minimum padding. The average weight of these gloves is around 4 ounces depending on the rules of the fight. The fingers are kept separated that allow freedom of movement. It is much easier for MMA fighter to hold on to their opponents wearing these type of gloves. As the gloves don’t have enough padding they are worn with appropriate hand wraps to provide some sort of protection for the hands and opponent.